by Bioroid
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Win32 OSX
TTP  can load a sample and perform turntable style effects on it.

You can scratch, change pitch, and even spin the audio up and down just like on a real turntable.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Aug 25 2022
Aug 25 2022
Discovered this on cover DVD of Computer Music Magazine but it's buggy as hell. Managed to use it in one song in Psycle and wanted to go much further with it.
julian May 05 2016
May 05 2016
I can't run it on my mac with ableton... any ideas?
chemical mike Oct 07 2009
(3 / 5)
Oct 07 2009
I love playing around with this one. you need to use it while you are recording rather than leave it on a setting in order to appreciate it.