by J1000
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CH4D is a stereo chorus with 4 delay taps, 2 per L/R channel, and adjustable resonant filters.

Each delay tap is modulated by an advanced LFO which has less obvious repetitive effect on processed signal than a usual sine shape.
Jon Jul 30 2021
Jul 30 2021
This was made with SynthEdit, but it's surprisingly usable as a wide chorus. It's just not very lively, and its depth is limited.
Jon Aug 05 2021
Aug 05 2021
Actually, I was too easy on this one. It has some nasty flanging artifacts that are unavoidable. UKM ukmChorus2 is a much superior SynthEdit Chorus effect.
lucas Aug 18 2017
(5 / 5)
Aug 18 2017
Wow, sounds like costly chorus units.