Mormox Imitate
by easytoolz
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Mormox Imitate is an emulation of a new hardware synth from Greece, called Murmux Initate.
  • 2 OSC with Saw and Pulse, 2 Octave Tuner-knobs and FM-Modulation (Osc1 > Cutoff).
  • Sub-oscillator (one Octave lower as Osc1) with Pulsewave.
  • Combined Lowpass-Bandpass-Filter with Cutoff and Resonance and ADSR EG.
  • LFO with Rate and Depth Pots for Oscillator or Cutoff Modulations.
  • Special ADSR EG with embedded LFO/Loop (Ramp and S/H waves), the Sustain-pot regulates the intensity. Targets are the Amplifier, Oscillator Tuning or Cutoff .
  • Delay section with Pan-LFO > Glide and > warm Shaper/Overdrive.
  • Monophonic.
  • 18 patches.
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Digitizer Aug 03 2014
(5 / 5)
Aug 03 2014
Once again another top quality freebie from easytoolz, this sounds awesome, great for emulating 1980's monosynths. :)