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Timemachine is vintage sampler simulator.

TimeMachine is a VST plugin that provides accurate reproduction of the characteristic sound of vintage samplers, such as the Commodore 64, or older Akai samplers. The (virtual) sampling rate can be varied, as well as the number of bits used for digital representation. furthermore, aliasing distortion can be generated individually for AD and DA conversion.
a guy May 03 2024
May 03 2024
Guys?? How do I install this???
a guy May 03 2024
May 03 2024
kobs Feb 29 2024
Feb 29 2024
This fails to load on audacity,it says plugin is incompatible.
SockBob Feb 17 2024
Feb 17 2024
It doesn't appears in the software!
Rae Sep 10 2023
Sep 10 2023
Please fix this! Can't enable it in plugin manager! This plugin was amazing and we need something like this.
Jimothy Jul 23 2023
Jul 23 2023
No longer works in current version of audacity, shows up in plugins but does nothing when clicked on. Shame I really liked this plugin.
somebody Oct 15 2023
Oct 15 2023
You don't activate it in the plugins tab anymore, but in the add effect tab. then you go to the plugin and press on it
MDP Jun 18 2023
Jun 18 2023
When I tried to put the plugin in audacity, it just said error failed to load. Or it forces me to go to mixpad.
Paul Badwoman Jan 20 2024
Jan 20 2024
If it says failed to load library, make sure you download the 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version as Audacity is 32-bit.
a guy May 03 2024
May 03 2024
same bro
Hibba Jun 18 2023
Jun 18 2023
Can you fix it bro?
srrl Mar 02 2023
Mar 02 2023
Every time I try to enable the plugin Audacity "can not load the library"
Paul Badwoman Jan 20 2024
Jan 20 2024
Make sure you downloaded the 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version as Audacity is 32-bit.
Kid Feb 05 2023
(1 / 5)
Feb 05 2023
I am trying to use it but it only says "failed to register"
Faw Jan 28 2023
(4 / 5)
Jan 28 2023
The first time i tried it it worked very well. But then 1 hour later it the Time Machine wouldn't open in Audacity. Don't know what went wrong.
Hibba Jun 18 2023
Jun 18 2023
I feel the same way every time I use the laptop
Ivan Jan 12 2023
Jan 12 2023
Plugin doesn't works at newest version!
not compatible with current version of audacity Dec 23 2022
Dec 23 2022
This plugin does not work no matter what I do. I do not thin kit is compatible with version 3.2.2. any suggestion on how to get it to work?
How to use in FL Studio? Nov 05 2022
Nov 05 2022
I'm trying to make a song with some bitcrush in it and I'm trying to use this plugin. How do I use it?
Anon Aug 03 2022
(5 / 5)
Aug 03 2022
I had some trouble downloading this until I figured out that I apparently had multiple Audacity programs on my computer. So if you're out of options, try and make sure that you're downloading it to "the right Audacity."
goodone Jun 14 2022
(5 / 5)
Jun 14 2022
Awesome lol
Andrew (DIA1T Official) Apr 18 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 18 2022
64x Won't Work Much. 32x Gives You The Real Power! 5/5!
adam Mar 25 2022
Mar 25 2022
Harry Jan 24 2022
(5 / 5)
Jan 24 2022
This is one of the few free resamplers that can do the Drake / Noah Shebib "underwater" sound (downsampling without the aliasing)
lar Nov 20 2021
(5 / 5)
Nov 20 2021
I suggest trying 32 bit if you have trouble
Reticular Nov 09 2021
(4 / 5)
Nov 09 2021
FL 11 32bit, works out of the box without no registry patch needed. It is cool, but i feel like TobyBear Sample reducer gives more harmonics.
Legend305YT Oct 12 2021
(3 / 5)
Oct 12 2021
For some reason, I have the newest version of audacity (3.0.2) and TB Time Machine fails to load every single time, I reinstalled Audactiy, checked the x86 folder and everything, can someone explain to me how to fix it?
megasaturn Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
ÉFirst of all, audacity in that new version supports 64-bit plugins instead of 32-bit so consider downloading the 64-bit plugin. I would rather have audacity 2.4.2 because the 3.0 is a spyware tbh
does not work :| Aug 09 2021
Aug 09 2021
This does not work, it says that the dll file failed
JTGB06 Sep 04 2021
Sep 04 2021
I had the same problem. I downloaded the 32 bit version like others suggested and it still didn't work. I was watching a video on Youtube on how to install Time Machine and it said to drag the .dll file into the plugin folder. I did that with no luck. I noticed that there is a .key file in the folder along with the .dll but the video didn't say to drag it into the Audacity plugin folder so I never did. I figured it might be worth a try so I dragged both the .dll and the .key file into the Audacity plugin folder and it finally worked.
Dinko Jul 20 2021
Jul 20 2021
So i tried downloading this and it said it was a key file and not a NY file, I also got an error message that said "Effect or Command at C:Program Files (x86)Audacityplug-inTB_TimeMachine.dll failed to register: Could not load the library" does anyone know what this means?
ChillzFred Jul 26 2021
Jul 26 2021
Yeah I have had the same thing :/
Planet Jul 28 2021
Jul 28 2021
Same here. This issue seems to be consistent with Audacity; either an updated plugin or a new version of Audacity is causing this.
Planet Jul 28 2021
Jul 28 2021
Oh I realize the issue now. You have to use the 32 bit version if using Audacity, because Audacity is 32 bit? I just read a bit down in the comments here and that solution worked for me.
teg219 Jul 31 2021
Jul 31 2021
i used the 32 bit version but i have the problem
Blop Oct 02 2021
Oct 02 2021
It worked for me when i used the 64 version
Jon Mar 20 2021
(2 / 5)
Mar 20 2021
Beware - this will hard-cut audio input at 18-19 kHz. It applies some sort of low-pass filter or noise-reduction, so it's not transparent bit reduction.
Ike Apr 17 2021
Apr 17 2021
Naturally, bit-reduction also comes with removal of high frequency content. That is to be expected and not unusual at all.
Gaston Apr 26 2021
Apr 26 2021
No, Ike, bit reduction is independent of the sampling frequency.
Hay Jun 15 2021
Jun 15 2021
It's not bit reduction. Its bit reduction AND sample rate reduction!
Aryan Maulana Feb 04 2021
Feb 04 2021
bruh its not working on 2.4.2
Naff Productions Jan 02 2021
Jan 02 2021
If you want to use this with Audacity, remember that Audacity is 32 bit, so you'll need that version.
Curiss May 23 2021
May 23 2021
Ronald Jul 14 2020
(5 / 5)
Jul 14 2020
What is the license for this sweet plugin? Can it be used for commercial purposes?
Gecko Harold Jun 25 2021
Jun 25 2021
Ronald, I'm pretty absolutely sure the developer intended it that way. Probably didn't think anyone would even think of asking that.
sup Jul 02 2020
Jul 02 2020
For some reason it says error with command or sum like that, does anyone know how to fix it?
Sup Jul 23 2020
Jul 23 2020
same problem
Sup Jul 23 2020
Jul 23 2020
if an error message appears download the 32 bit version. it works for me
Zach Jun 27 2020
Jun 27 2020
This plug-in rocks!
Nara Sherko May 01 2020
(5 / 5)
May 01 2020
I Like It
?? Mar 26 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 26 2020
If you see this, this website isn't fake and tricking you into downloading a virus, the reviews on here seem fake, im here to test that out.
ok cool, Jan 19 2021
Jan 19 2021
Daniel Jan 25 2020
Jan 25 2020
How do you install it on Mac version?
NateQ Apr 09 2020
Apr 09 2020
To install on Mac (I had to figure it out) you need to go to the plugins folder which is hidden. In the Finder use the 'Go' menu at the top bar > 'Go to folder' and type this in : /Applications/Audacity.app/Contents/plug-ins/ That will open a finder window of the plug-in folder that you have to put the .vst file in.Then launch Audacity, go to the Tools menu, Add/Load Plug-ins, find it in the list and click 'enable' and it will appear on your effects menu. Only issue for me is the Graphical interface doesn't work so I had to switch off the graphic interface in the option panel located as 3 lines in the lower left corner of the Time Machine window.
Ike Dec 05 2019
(4 / 5)
Dec 05 2019
I wish there was a 64bit version. Miss this gem!
Abran DRozario Nov 30 2019
(5 / 5)
Nov 30 2019
It works on my audacity. But it seems I am simulating a Vintage sampler but I can hear a fake but knockoff Chinese toy audio prematurely.
Jake Sept 25 2018
Sept 25 2018
Very cool! But don't over do it!
Josh May 09 2018
(5 / 5)
May 09 2018
Fantastic sound, once you master the techniques with Timemachine you can get real freaky easily.
functionform Feb 11 2018
(5 / 5)
Feb 11 2018
Just used this for 80s style sound. Degraded my synths perfectly.
Jacob Feb 02 2018
(0 / 5)
Feb 02 2018
Actually redact my last comment. I spent the time working out what values I would need to paste into the parameters in order to use a specific sampling rate, only to discover that the GUI is misleading. It appears to snap to equal divisions of 44100, like 22050, and the number shown for the sample rate is just for show. Either this is a bug or it's just plain lying.
Analog Noise Jan 13 2016
(5 / 5)
Jan 13 2016
This must be (one of) the best and smoothest bitcrushers out there. Commodore sounds or AKAI S1000ish sampling. One of my rigs are a retro electronica setup and this fits right in. Work with win xp too.
Mr Analogue Aug 01 2014
(5 / 5)
Aug 01 2014
Fantastic emulation. even for other well known vintage equipment, once your get the specs online you truly go back into time... well done!