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GTO is a vintage peak compressor, designed like its muscle car name-sake for brute power, pure speed and to make a loud noise.

It has everything you’d expect in a thorough-bred compressor, but tuned for maximum control and ease of use, with its own unique vintage colouring on top. It has a super-fast attack and release and a wide range of threshold, ratio and output boost, so it can cover everything from subtle correction to death-by-compression, with everything in between. With an external sidechain, wet/dry mix for NY compression and a hard limiter too, you can really push this baby to get pumping bass and block-rockin’ beats. The metering covers input, output and gain reduction, showing real-time and peak levels.
  • Vintage style peak compressor with external sidechain, parallel compression and comprehensive metering.
  • Subtle colouring from a home-made blend of harmonics, saturation and noise.
  • Wet/Dry mix control allows blending of dry uncompressed signal for NY style parallel compression.
  • Choice of 2 attack/release curves.
  • Stereo input detection can be linked or unlinked.
  • Distortion reduction for very short release times.
  • Internal or external sidechain routing.
  • Additional 'Internal sidechain only' versions.
  • Optional hard limiting on final output.
  • Metering covers stereo input, output and gain reduction. All meters show actual and peak levels.
  • Adjustable peak meter hold time.
  • Non-linear knobs for precise control at small values.
  • Presets covering all functions and different configurations.
Ben Jul 03 2022
(5 / 5)
Jul 03 2022
I love this compressor. Ive been waiting for years the 64 bit though. Im still waiting for that to happen
nomentero Apr 10 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 10 2022
One of my usual compressors. I don't know if it will be one of the best because... I have no ear for subtleties! but I feel very comfortable with its interface.
acl customs Feb 26 2018
Feb 26 2018
Strongly recommend trying this, use it to give your overall track a tightness and shine, team it up with a limiter and good EQ to get the perfect result
amy May 29 2017
(3 / 5)
May 29 2017
It's awesome on the master bus! This baby makes the mix sound great.