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Chordit allows you to trigger chords by playing a single note.

Use one user-defined octave to switch chord, and play the chords with the rest of the keyboard.
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Bakercrs1 Dec 14 2019
Dec 14 2019
Yeah, I can't get anything out of it, either
GiJoe Apr 30 2021
Apr 30 2021
Try the update
HedKnod Jun 15 2021
Jun 15 2021
Try setting the inputs of vst you want to use to 1 and output of chord it to 1.. if you havent tried already
Anonymous Dec 31 2021
Dec 31 2021
I tried it in Patcher (FL Studio) and it worked. I had to load it as a generator though.
s Dec 12 2019
Dec 12 2019
Doesn't work