M/S controller
by RAZ Audio
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The M/S controller gives you easy control of Mid (phantom center) or sides content.

An intuitive GUI provides you only what you need - clear easy knobs and value readings, with precision level bars for each channel (L/R and M/S). Based on floating point calculation, the M/S controller is an accurate and true to the original material. Expect zero artifacts.

The M/S controller becomes very handy in these scenarios:
  • Punchier kick/drum response for dance clubs effects.
  • Bring out the lead vocal and instrument for DJ/PA venues.
  • Karaoke like effects - in which the leading vocals are attenuated to zero.
  • Set as a send FX (not insert) in series to a reverb unit and attenuate Mid (or enhance sides) - for receiving a spacious, lustful reverb effect, which is still vivid and clear.
Use the M/S controller for a full separation of Mid over side and export each track for advanced processing:
  • EQ: Roll off the low-end content of sides to provide a tight, powerful mix.
  • Provide different compression or EQ setting to 'Sides', prior to sending the signal to a reverb unit, for a clear and clean result.
  • Provide any different process for lead vocals and background.
<ERROR> Sep 13 2023
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Sep 13 2023
.., А стерео расширяет, причём "здоровски"!
HeyBass Jun 30 2021
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Jun 30 2021
A wonderful freeware tool! Glad the bugs and issues are fixed!
Drain Bamage Jun 30 2018
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Jun 30 2018
Great plug but doesn't save settings! Ugh...please fix this!!
Marc Pendergrast Mar 25 2018
Mar 25 2018
Great tool but it doesn't save the setting. ??
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Jan 25 2017
This is a must have, while sometimes you try multiple FX to find the final genius touch, this tool often end up being the one....pluss serves as a nice limiter so that u dont go over z sacro saint 0db...MIAM MIAM FX
ksavHOMErecs Jan 18 2016
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Jan 18 2016
Love this company... amazing sound toys for free ... sweeeeeeeet <3 now all we need is comp/lim and reverb :)
ksavORG Jan 14 2015
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Jan 14 2015
Chris Nov 07 2014
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Nov 07 2014
Great!!! Thanks!!!