BumBer Deluxe
by beatassist.eu
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BumBer Deluxe is a bassdrum synth and sampler coming with a 165 samples library. 

BumBer Deluxe has five diferent waveform built-in signals, each signal has a diferent pitch range control that can be writeable. There is also the chance to insert a pre-made bassdrum .wav sample of 16 or 24-bits for post modification. This function also counts with an independent pitch control.

The ADSR control is full open for samples, although the built-in signals only have the possibility to use the decay option of the Amp Envelope. There are two effects that you may combine with the five built-in signals: Tamborin and Snare based. These effects have an idenpendent pitch control, decay and gain.
  • 4-band EQ and a signal body modifying station, with attack, decay and punch, wich can also be connected to the file/sample Mode.
  • Bandpass equalizer where you may increase/decrase the punch and snap of the bassdrum body.
  • Distortion machine with three diferent distortion types, that may create an industrial punch on your beat.
  • Compressor that will compress all factors switched in the plugin. It's useful for a final spaced, punched and compact mastering of your bassdrum.
BumBer Deluxe Loads/Saves .fxb banks, brings 165 .wav bassdrum samples in the Sample Bank directory wich you may find in the installation folder, and a pre-made bank of 32 presets.
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Anonymous Jan 24 2017
(0 / 5)
Jan 24 2017
Me also
mike Aug 06 2014
(4 / 5)
Aug 06 2014
Great vst. Good for different kick drum. You can make some 808's and play it in different notes.
Frankie May 27 2014
May 27 2014
I'ts a pity they couldnt make it a .dll extension. When your trying to run a fairly clean computer, and running a DAW, CAD and other programs with lots of plugins - you want to avoid any unnecessary .exe if possible. That's just me I guess.
TapeJunkie May 31 2015
May 31 2015
Haha! Im exactly the same i try to stay away from install files and just stick to copy and paste dll'S!