by ConcreteFX
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Woo is a  vocal theremin where you control the pitch and vowel sound using the mouse in the big screen.

Clicking the screen starts the sound  (you can also use it as an effect where it acts as a vowel filter).
Vlyrch Nov 02 2021
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Nov 02 2021
This is weird and sounds good, but unfortunately it's a bit choppy when changing the pitch even with the smoothest settings. Drowning it in reverb masks that, but some of the "character" is lost if you add too much reverb.
Anonymous Jun 27 2020
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Jun 27 2020
For the moment pretty useless because I can't record the sounds. Which is a shame because the sounds are not to bad.
Michael Mar 25 2020
Mar 25 2020
Have not been able to record the vowel sounds as of yet. Is this a midi or audio plug? Can't record??? Help!
ableton1 Aug 19 2014
Aug 19 2014
How do I use it on ableton ? I can't figure a way out to use it as a synth, I'd really appreciate an answer since this vst sounds terrific !