by ConcreteFX
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TapeDelay is a vintage  tape-delay emulation.
JFC Sept 19 2019
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Sept 19 2019
I remember quickly trying this years ago and wasn't really impressed. After a recent revisit, I found out this is a great and very versatile tape delay plugin, but some time to learn its mechanics is required to explore its full potential and many cool features (A PDF manual is included to help with that). Included presets show just a little fraction of what this plugin can do, so I definitely recommend a lot of experimentation. TIPS: - Set TEMPO to "Auto" for host sync. - Watch out for loud noises while tweaking the DISTORTION section controls (hit "PANIC" button to kill unwanted sounds immediatley). - If delay time is set to zero, cool modulation FX are possible. - The preset "GatedDelay" works great on drummloops!