by Klanglabs
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P-Deelay is a pattern based delay.
  • Six delay lines with multimode filter and panning per delay.
  • Synced to BPM host in a pattern fashion.
  • Buttons to deactivate the delay, mute the input or choose L or R as input.
  • Internal limiters on every delay to be able to create distorted feedbacks without blowing up your speakers.
  • PANIC button to lower all feedbacks at once.
  • Input button: Turns input On/Off.
  • Hints on all controls that makes the plug pretty self explanatory.
  • MIDI automation and MIDI learn.
freasy Sept 05 2017
(5 / 5)
Sept 05 2017
Can build very dense and long lasting delay textures from some sprinkle chords in ambient music styles.
OBYONETAOPY Sept 06 2015
(3 / 5)
Sept 06 2015
Excellent, so much fun, et pluss... enfin googlez ces mots clés "OBYONETAOPY Music" pour comprendre ce que j'entend par FUN hein !!!!