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VOCOTRON is a vocoder / voice processor.
Suggestion Aug 13 2021
Aug 13 2021
Have You Tried Pluging This Into Sony Vegas Pro 15?
sonson Jan 31 2021
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Jan 31 2021
I tried using this on a 64-bit Windows 10 computer, but it still works lol, but anyways, nice plugin
anon Mar 11 2021
Mar 11 2021
64-bit x86 systems can still run 32-bit code, but it really depends on the software running it to be compatible as well. That's where you have to watch out. It's possible this will not work in some 64-bit VST applications.
cyber_T Nov 28 2018
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Nov 28 2018
Yeah, instant success! I was looking for a little sound- toy with a vintage vocoding sound just for an occasional use. This plugin really does the job without any midi- hassle which makes me dizzy...
Very good! Nov 25 2015
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Nov 25 2015
I got very nice vocoded speech sound from this. Easy to work with.