by novaflash
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ANCESTOR is a paraphonic synth based on a 1970s organ.

More organ than synth because editing features are limited. But more than an organ because there are a few tricks to enhance the basic sounds.
  • OSCILLATOR : based on a saw and a rectangle sub with adjustable pulse width.
  • SINE: all oscillators become "sine".
  • RING: ring modulator per voices (main * sub).
  • BRILL: aka Brilliance, need more explanation ?
  • FILTER: classic 24 dB multimode filter.
  • CHORUS: classic "mono to stereo" triple chorus.
  • DELAY: a bit special: a 'classic' mode and a cascaded mode where 7 stages are added.
  • SPACER: determines a time factor between each stage.
  • ENV: provides main envelope Decay.
  • DRIFT: analog drift, time and amount, good for chords, a bit of beat/oscillation(?)
  • VIBRATOM: Why Vibratom and not vibrato ? Because the mode switch allows more shaping to tweak your sound.
  • 4 modes : main VCO, sub, both, crossed.
  • Main envelope tracking.
  • DISTORTION: a bit special too, allow PD distortion style, fun and original.
  • 64 voices of polyphony.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Aug 22 2022
Aug 22 2022
This is probably the best synth by this developer, keep being surprised by its sounds, just choosing the built-in presets and tweaking them! I also liked Mononova, and sort of like Noisework and Quack. For effects some of them were buggy like having to save FXP file separately because it wasn't recalled properly with song project. IDK why the later Geektronic had four outputs with only the last one working, that's why I still use the older "geekier" one with yellow GUI LOL.
isaakwit Jan 15 2016
Jan 15 2016
I have a growing appetite on this synth but it doesen't seem to work, since it says that it fails loading all of its modules, when putting it in ableton. Is there anything I am missing?
VST4FREE Jan 15 2016
Jan 15 2016
I updated the zip file including the modules, re-download it and unzip all the content in your vst folder then it should work. This synth needs to create a folder to load its modules, but some OS won't allow it if you are not logged as administrator...
CrunchyRhubarb Jul 14 2014
Jul 14 2014
Wonderful, deep sound. Can sound like Eno-esque tones easily. I plan to make some tracks with this, but it's a lot of fun to just explore as well. Is there a way to load and save patches? I'm not seeing it as yet...
Lex Apr 07 2014
(5 / 5)
Apr 07 2014
Very rich sounds for free, a must have for my growing collection or any one elses. Great Job! Thanks
me again Apr 05 2014
(5 / 5)
Apr 05 2014
I was skeptical of this vst being at only 1.69 mb, I don't know how they pulled it off with the bank seemingly very small with bytes, yet this rivals synths at top shelf quality and those are usually at 100+ mb. You can dial in with your track EQ, your track will sound as if you spent a fortune. I havent been impressed with a freebie in a while.
LiamCat Apr 05 2014
(5 / 5)
Apr 05 2014
This is a superb ensemble, I have created two tracks thus far, such a great resonance and sound modeling synth for organ special fx and just backing organ sound texture, Rich deep sound. Every electronica artist would love this for pads and hypnotic leads. Primo for trip hop!