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The Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra is a small selection of standard orchestral and wind ensemble sampled instruments.

Featuring concert flute, clarinet, bassoon, F horn, trumpet, tenor bone, bass bone, tubular bells, xylophone, glockenspiel, timpani, large percussion section, harp, piano, solo violin, and violin section, all using accurate ranges.
  • Percussion mapped close to MIDI standards to help ease compatibility.
  • HALF of the filesize is the percussion patch, in case you wanted some...
  • Each instrument is automatically mapped to a MIDI channel.
Karl May 01 2023
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May 01 2023
Crashing quite a bit in Logic... Nice flute sound but not very versatile...
dspplug Mar 31 2022
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Mar 31 2022
Great, nice to have for mac :)
Bill Sept 21 2018
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Sept 21 2018
Also note VSCO 2 is also known as "Sketching Orchestra" and is by FAR the best free orchestra VSTi you will find. Maybe it can't quite compete with the big boys as yet, but it's not a night-and-day difference (and it's not soaking your wallet like the others). For demos and for live performances, it's a no-brainer, and even for studio recordings, I might not use on its own, but in combo with other instruments blends quite well.
Versilian Studios Jul 14 2018
Jul 14 2018
Please note VSCO is discontinued- it has been replaced by the much better and bigger VSCO 2 CE, available also on VST4Free- http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plugin=VSCO2_Rompler&id=2734 . We only suggest using VSCO 1 if you intentionally are looking for its lower-fidelity sound and understand how to properly route channels in your DAW.
victor wooohoooten Jul 23 2020
Jul 23 2020
So I'm using versillian in reaper, both 64bit, and when I load an instance everything is fine. However, when I remove that instance and reload a new instance of VSCO 2 (any instrument) Reaper 6 Crashes, is there a reason for this?
Versilian Studios Aug 02 2020
Aug 02 2020
Reaper users should use the 'individual instruments' version available on the Bigcat Instruments website instead of the "ROMpler"/all-in-one version (you can alternately download each of the individual instruments from VST4Free if you prefer). Reaper and some other DAWs apparently can crash on reload due to the way the instrument switching info is stored/recalled in the plugin. Nothing Bigcat (the actual maker of the VSTi patches) or Versilian (folks who recorded the samples) can do about it, as the issue is with the software behind the scenes (Maize Sampler). If that doesn't work, use one of the many other versions. The Vanilla SFZ and Virtual Playing Orchestra (also SFZ) versions are very good.
praveen s Jun 08 2018
Jun 08 2018
How to change one instrument to other in fl studio ? Without a midi controller...
Sumguy Mar 25 2018
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Mar 25 2018
Only plays flute and is a hassle to change instruments. Switch that channel, switch this channel etc... Why couldn't the developer made it easier?
Versilian Studios Jul 14 2018
Jul 14 2018
It was a limitation of the Maize Sampler engine used- it doesn't let users select which channel to make each instrument, so instead we opted to hard-code the channels ahead of time. Our goal was to avoid making you load an instance for each instrument, which uses much more resources than is necessary. With VSCO 2, Bigcat Audio made the VST version and has it so you could swap between the instruments. This of course means you need one instance per instrument.
Els Rulmyn Mar 08 2018
Mar 08 2018
How hard would it have been to just let the user switch between instruments within the VST? It is just a hassle to use. Also there's this really loud click when you hold a note for a long time and it starts looping.
Versilian Studios Jul 14 2018
Jul 14 2018
This is what Bigcat did with his VST version of the newer VSCO 2. Please note that VSCO 1 is discontinued.
Anonymous Jan 16 2017
(5 / 5)
Jan 16 2017
Simple controls and sounds great! thanks
John Oct 05 2016
Oct 05 2016
I couldn't figure out how to play different instruments in Ableton. Can someone explain?
Sam Gossner (Versilian Studios) Oct 28 2016
Oct 28 2016
Hey John, here's the answer from our FAQ, submitted by a user- Create 2 MIDI Channels, use "External Instrument " (Standard VST in Ableton) in the first channel. Second channel "VSCO" Vst and then its possible to switch the instruments in the MIDI channel 1. If that fails, try to follow these three steps- 1. In your DAW, try to locate some form of properties panel for the MIDI track you are working with or for routing tracks to channels. 2. Set the MIDI OUT for that track to go to VSCO. If possible, set the channel at this stage if that is how your DAW works. 3. If not, try to locate an area in which the Channel may be set, possibly near controls for setting Bank/Program for the MIDI channel. If all else fails, open Google, and type "Using Multi-Timbral Plugins in Ableton", then click enter. P.S. I highly recommend using Chamber Orchestra 2 Community Edition, it's still free and vastly superior in all ways and is available in a variety of formats on the Versilian Studios website.
Frits van Zanten Oct 15 2021
Oct 15 2021
So I finally got it working in my old Ableton for 32 bits plugins. The tip above did it, but it took some additional figuring out. I created a MIDI track (track 3) and opened the 'external instrument' plugin (from the ' live devices' menu (just above the plugin menu)). Then I create another MIDI track (track 2) and opened the VSCO plugin there. In the VSCO track (track 2) I set ' MIDI from' to ' no input', and kept ' Audio to' on ' Master'. In the external instrument track (track 3) I kept everything standard (MIDI from ' All ins' and ' All channels' ). I armed the external instrument track for recording. When you select the ' external instrument' track (track 3) the settings at the bottom of your screen has two rows for 'MIDI to' you can 'fill'; the upper one says/should say '2-VSCO' (which is MIDI track 2, with VSCO), the bottom one you can choose the MIDI-channel you want to hear from VSCO, say, the instrument (1= flute, 2= clarinet etc.). 'Audio from' was selected automatically and said ' Right VSCO' ). Now when you change that bottom row setting you can walk through the different instruments. Of course you may choose your channel the other way around, VSCO in 3 and External instrument in 2, but then read the instructions above accordingly ;-).
Mainstage 3 User Jul 20 2016
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Jul 20 2016
In case you, like me, struggled to make this play anything other than a flute in MainStage 3, here are the easy instructions to configure your channel strips to play the sound you want (in my case and example, the tubular bells). Assign the plugin to a channel strip, then click the strip to select it. In the patch setting panel(bottom middle) click the "Midi Input" page, then click the "keyboard" dropdown, selecting "Multitimbral..." Assign the keyboard to the specific midi channel associated with your desired sound (in my case, 9), and presto-- your channel is there. MainStage 3 can only handle one midi channel per channel strip at the moment, so you have to make new channels and assign individual midi channels to them to have more than one sound active in your patch. Hope this saves you the trouble that I went through figuring this stuff out. Cheer!
Archaic Oct 06 2015
Oct 06 2015
Won't play anything but the flute, when I change the midi channel to anything other than channel 1 (flute) there is no sound. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Cranky Jun 12 2015
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Jun 12 2015
Can't get it to work properly with Mixcraft 6. It will only manage 'Flute' and nothing else.
killer_bee.vst Mar 27 2015
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Mar 27 2015
Not bad, bruh. Trumpet's a bit lackin', but that's alright. Chill out.
Maleakh Beatz Dec 28 2014
(5 / 5)
Dec 28 2014
Magnificant!! I'm broke but I'll credit you 4 others to donate!!!!
Zooter Oct 22 2014
Oct 22 2014
This is a fantastic product. I love the samples (it's GREAT to finally have a tubular bell sound that isn't overloaded with harmonics) and admire the hell out of you guys for all the work you did. I'll be donating - you guys deserve it.
MEverette Oct 12 2014
Oct 12 2014
Excellent Program. Nicely put together. And thanks for the note for other instruments in your comments.
Andrew_Deer Sept 11 2014
(4 / 5)
Sept 11 2014
I quite like it, but it doesn't play on time, I always have to shift notes forward a bit so it'd play at the right time. Otherwise it's great, sounds are of great quality for free synth.
Dynamand Jul 27 2014
(5 / 5)
Jul 27 2014
This works well in fl studio with midi out, thanks!
TBC Apr 30 2014
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Apr 30 2014
Doesn't work for me. Only plays the flute sound.
Versilian Studios May 02 2014
May 02 2014
To get the other sounds, you need to change the MIDI channel of the MIDI track you are using for input into the device. There's some info on our FAQ page (http://vis.versilstudios.net/f.a.q.html) that may help you, but the manual for your DAW is the place to find the info on how to switch MIDI channels.
Piano Fan Jun 22 2015
Jun 22 2015
I did this in Adobe Audition 3 - selected midi channel 14 (in and out) for the piano. The piano sounds when I play my midi controller keyboard. The piano sounds when I play the piano roll in the midi track properties. HOWEVER, it won't play anything but flute when I try to use a midi file - it plays the notes but only flute sound. And the built-in keyboard in the VST's GUI will only play flute. I have never had this issue with other VSTs.. you should be able to pick channel 14 (in and out) and have it play the piano sound (not flutes) whether the input is live playing using a midi contoller keyboard, or is "recorded" playing using a midi file that already has the "notes" recorded in it. All i get is flute. Never had this issue with any other VST - I can use any pre-recorded midi file and it will play the VST's sound. The sounds are amazing, btw, on every instrument, but I also need it to be able to play the correct sound when I use a midi file for playback.
Piano Fan Dec 11 2016
Dec 11 2016
I switched to Reaper and still have the same problem. I can choose the midi channel for that instrument and play the desired instrument using the midi keyboard. But if I use a midi file to "play" the notes, it will play the notes BUT will only play the flute. Even if i make the input to be the midi channel of the instrument that I want to play.
Anonymous Dec 12 2016
Dec 12 2016
Notes in a midifile are assigned to a midi channel (number 1 in your case ?), so take care that your midi output is set to the desired channel, not to "omni" or "all". Hope it helps
Eco DJ Apr 29 2014
Apr 29 2014
Great sound, great possibilities!