Saxi Player
by Naokit72
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Saxi Player provides Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophone sounds.

  • Reverb effect
  • Attack/Release control
  • Tanging control
  • Expression cc
Desperate Feb 08 2022
Feb 08 2022
Anyone has any idea how to makes it work? Cakewalk and VSThost does not treat this like a plugin. I tried it in energyXT but get error about missing mfc71.dll file when trying to run it.
Chazz May 06 2023
May 06 2023
Try Decent Sampler (Free) or Native Instruments Kontakt (Free), as many use these for their Sample Software.
Jeff Nov 01 2021
Nov 01 2021
It's a real shame that this dude's website isn't up anymore. I would've liked to try the paid version of it, but I can't find anything across any archive.
Gerald May 03 2019
May 03 2019
could not get it to function with Cuebase LE5......
Jack Mar 04 2020
Mar 04 2020
Yeah, Cubase no longer supports 32 bit VSTs. Time to get with the new and start offering this as 64 bit by default.
Happy Sax Player Aug 03 2016
Aug 03 2016
Does anyone have an updated library for this, especially the "tenor growl' library? I found an updated version of the VST without any library files, and had the same "quirks" so the "quirks" are in the tenor growl library that comes with this version on this VST4Free page (not VST's fault). I love this VST, just wish I had a quirk-free tenor growl LOL
Happy Sax Player Jul 21 2015
(5 / 5)
Jul 21 2015
I read a review elsewhere, where someone said that notes stuck upon playback sometimes. If it happens to you, here is a tip on how to fix this. The VST is monophonic, so you can only play one note at a time. I noticed that I had accidentally hit two notes at the same time, and this tiny little half-second or so extra note was barely visible on the midi piano roll. This was causing a horrible stuck note effect. Once I noticed the extra incorrect note, right underneath the correct note, I deleted the extra incorrect note. And that fixed the stuck notes problem. There are a couple notes higher up, when using the tenor growl that cause loud clicking / cracking noises. Haven't figured out yet how to avoid that, other than not playing those notes LOL Maybe there is a way to fix that in the piano roll, maybe by editing the velocity / volume of those notes?
Happy Sax Player Jul 28 2016
Jul 28 2016
I figured out a fix for the notes that cause a loud clicking / cracking noise. Record your music as normal, don't worry about those noises until you are finished and until you are certain everything is where you want it on the piano roll. If there is a gap between the 'crackling' note and the previous note, you will hear that 'crackling' noise. If you extend either the previous note or the 'crackling note" until they almost overlap - or sometimes overlapping is good - it will usually fix that 'crackling' sound.
Happy Sax Player Nov 21 2016
Nov 21 2016
Update.. sometimes the fix of putting a silent note before the note that has the loud click / crackle causes the "clicking" note to be quieter. If all else fails, when you render the finished sax part to a non-midi file, open that file (usually a WAV file) in an editing program and use click reduction feature to manually remove each click/crackle. Still wish I could find the full version, and/or a library without these "quirks".
Happy Sax Player Jun 22 2015
Jun 22 2015
I couldn't get it to work with audition 3, but when I next opened Audition and tried the VST, for some reason it now works :) The presets don't change anything (at the top of the VST GUI), but if you make changes via the window to the right of the "settings" button in the VST's GUI, it will change saxes / settings correctly, AND.... this includes the 'growl" setting!!!! From playing with this for a couple of minutes, it sounds great, especially the growl sax.. and sounds great throughout the range, and this may very well become my new 'go to' saxophone VST.. very nice once I got it working :)
Thrak Jun 06 2014
(4 / 5)
Jun 06 2014
Realistic sound and stable.
Cranky Dec 23 2013
(3 / 5)
Dec 23 2013
No growl effect with this then? That means no rock and roll!
Profu90 Feb 17 2013
Feb 17 2013
Work's great with cubase5
shobi Jan 28 2013
Jan 28 2013
It doesn't work with fl studio.
Pianofinger Jun 20 2011
Jun 20 2011
It's a good saxophone! At first start give the directory for the library, then quit it, load it again - you have sound!
djrohith Jan 26 2011
Jan 26 2011
does it work wit Ableton and Maudio Axiom 25??
gerard May 18 2010
(0 / 5)
May 18 2010
It doesn't work whith Cubase LE 4