Xen-FMTS 2
by Xen-Arts
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Xen-FMTS 2 is a 4 Operator FM Synthesis VSTi with a specialized set of features for computer musicians interested in exploring the vast expressive possibilities of making music with alternative intonation systems.

It includes 115 patches, 55 microtunings and 56 partials files.

Microtuning Features:
  • Internally loads and externally receives both MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) Bulk Dump and Single Note Microtuning Files.
  • Operator ratios can easily be set to values that are coincident with the microtuning being used, thereby producing intonation related sidebands in the timbre of the instrument.
  • Microtonal pitch-bend ranges may be configured in cents, harmonics and superparticular ratios.
  • Arbitrary microtonal pitch shifting makes it possible to easily pitch transpose the oscillators in both octave and non-octave increments.

FM-RM Oscillator:
  • 4 Operator FM Synthesis with Ring-Modulation.
  • 57 Operator Algorithms.
  • 11 different Operator Waveforms.
  • Analog Pitch Drift Emulator.
  • Transposition by cents offsets.
  • Partials text files may be used to quantize the frequency ratios of the operators to user specified values.
  • Velocity-to-Harmonics Modulation enables oscillators to dynamically sound harmonics of the fundamental pitch.

  • Seven dedicated hybrid modulators for Operators A, B, C, D, Filters, Amplifier and Pitch.
  • Each modulator includes an ADSR style envelope generator, and an LFO which can be switched to run at audio-rate.
  • Each ADSR Envelope Generator features Per-Stage Keyboard Tracking.
  • LFOs can either be synchronized to the host DAW tempo or set in Hertz. They include 24 Waveforms, a Slewer and can be switched to run at audio-rate.

Filter Section:
  • Pre-Filter Saturation Stage with 20 Saturation Types.
  • Two Independent Filters with Six Filter Types: LP4, LP2, HPF, BPF, BRF, APF.
  • One and Two Stage Filter Cascade.

Performance Control:
  • Full controller MIDI Pitch Microtuning with MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard).
  • MTS Support for both Single Note and Bulk Dump.
  • Loads MTS Microtuning Format Files Internally and Receives MTS Externally.
  • Local (Per-Patch) and Global Microtuning (Static Microtuning for All Patches).
  • Microtunings can be loaded from any directory on hard drives or storage devices connected to the PC.
  • 12 Note Polyphonic.
  • Monophonic Legato Mode.
  • Monophonic Portamento.
  • Microtonal Pitch Bend.
  • Vibrato.
  • Effects include Chorus, Lowpass Filter Cascade (Warm Filter) with 6 dB to 48 dB per-octave filters and Stereo Ensemble.
Bill Boardham Apr 11 2023
(1 / 5)
Apr 11 2023
Might have been cool in 2016, but not very cool in 2023. Harsh sounds, very complex operation, and 32-bit only. Oh well. Also has issues with not keeping settings in a project, I never have that problem, my 64-bit DAW does 32-bit plugins well, never had that issue.
Grey Boy Oct 10 2020
(5 / 5)
Oct 10 2020
Good Synth
Sacred Geometry Jul 15 2019
Jul 15 2019
I could not find "JUST TUNING" from its presets and it is the whole point for many of us to start using microtuning, at least for me. There was just those 5-31 TET's and bunch of harmonic and subharmonic ones. What to do? Is just tuning one of those or do I have to get it from elsewhere?
hi12345 Oct 06 2020
Oct 06 2020
There are many just tunings, even 12-note-per-octave ones. You can use a software like Scala to construct or retrieve one you need, and use a tuning file on this VST. Visit https://en.xen.wiki/ for more details. Cheers
Journeyman-D Nov 30 2018
(5 / 5)
Nov 30 2018
A totally terrific synth for specific SFX, highly useable, no matter what they say.
Sean Oct 25 2018
Oct 25 2018
Unique mallet, metallic type sounds. Not sure what it could be used for though.
fxbip Jul 12 2016
(5 / 5)
Jul 12 2016
Sick plugin. Makes dark amazing Fm patches.
Csaba Mar 18 2016
(3 / 5)
Mar 18 2016
Not bad but very difficult!