Dream Drums
by Odosynths
3.5 / 5     (11 votes)
Dream Drums is a 10 voice drum synth, featuring 6 outputs.

It can be considered close to the Roland TR606 and TR808.
Firo LFO May 07 2020
May 07 2020
CPU hungry. But nice. :) Overwhelming amount of knobs and options.
John Jan 18 2018
(3 / 5)
Jan 18 2018
Good sounds. Really intuitive interface. One thing that annoys me with drum synths is that you start off with a basic snare sound and then you twiddle some knobs and end up with something that sounds absolutely nothing like a drum. This synth has a good balance. It gives you loads of options but after lots of fiddling the voices still sound at least vaguely like what they're supposed to be, i.e. a kick drum, a snare drum. The main downside here is that the CPU usage is a fair bit higher than other synths. Not excessively high though I suppose. Very good plugin but it's not quite my favourite sounding synth and the high CPU usage means I'm not likely to use it.
Frankie May 09 2014
(5 / 5)
May 09 2014
This is a sick, awesome, sweet, f-ing dark drum synth. Within 2 minutes of playing with with it, I'm in love. One of the best, if not the best free drumsynth around. Much respect to the developer :) Works well with FL11, win7, 64bit. Highly recommend this plug-in!!