Fusion Delay
by SonicXTC
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Fusion Delay is a unique unit that offers a wonderful acoustic dispersion effect, ideal for trance, house, dub, and other modern genres of electronic music.

Acoustic dispersion offers musicians a new option for creating interesting delay processing. You will not have much luck finding a similar effect unit at your local music store.

Fusion Delay is designed to create syncopated and evolving delays to any signal. What makes Fusion Delay special and unique is the Plasma section that can be fused with the built in delay signal chain. To our knowledge, Fusion Delay is the only free VST Plugin to use sonic "Acoustic Dispersion" effects. Acoustic dispersion is the phenomenon of a sound wave separating into its component frequencies as it passes through a medium. The "Plasma" section utilizes our acoustic dispersion modeling technology. It can be fused (mixed) with the "Delay" section by using the "Fusion" controls.
Bill Miles Sept 22 2017
Sept 22 2017
Love it right down to its little white socks!!!! It's 'Mood For A Day' from 'YES' by Steve Howe. Thanks for Uploading this..
gridsleep Mar 09 2017
(4 / 5)
Mar 09 2017
Interesting sound. Seventies Italo-Science Fiction film burbling and warbling and clicking. It has definite possibilities.