by Variety Of Sound
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SlickHDR is a psychoacoustic dynamic processor.

SlickHDR resembles the notion of High Dynamic Range as used in image processing which is about balancing the local vs. global contrast of an image by utilizing special processing. As a result, such processed images might appear much more natural (as seen by human eye in the real world) even if the output format is inferior and/or the environment just offers poor lightning conditions. In the audio domain, the way how dynamics are perceived heavily determine on psychoaccoustic phenomenons which is about how we actually perceive transient vs. steady state signals, how things are frequency dependent in our hearing, why ear fatiguing and masking effects are occurring or how our hearing copes and takes advantage of overtones.
  • Balances the perceived global vs. local micro dynamics of any incoming audio.
  • Creates a rich in contrast, detailed and clearly perceived image which translates way better across different listening environments.
  • Provides a convenient workflow by simply adjusting three dynamic processors to show a roughly same load.
  • Offers further and detailed control about overall tone and release time behavior.
X Mar 07 2022
(5 / 5)
Mar 07 2022
MY FAVOURITE COMPRESSOR but please 64 bit with first initial comp threshold level vontrol. Nov 12 2022
Nov 12 2022
if you find it anywhere send it to me
MARTIN Dec 04 2023
Dec 04 2023
I need it 64 bit too with initial threshlod idea too.
Eel Dec 11 2023
Dec 11 2023
He finally made it 64 bit, but only available on his discord server. Go to the VoS blog to find the link. Hope this helps!
RUMB Aug 08 2019
Aug 08 2019
Как же уменьшить размер???
Lucival Dec 04 2018
(5 / 5)
Dec 04 2018
heavmetalmixer Apr 04 2018
(4 / 5)
Apr 04 2018
I just tested in a track (already mixed) and it sounds just awesome, even though it changes the color I really recommend it . . . if you know how to use it. For those who don't know how to use it visit these two links (in this order):
John Dec 30 2017
(2 / 5)
Dec 30 2017
A bit too complicated and unorthodox for my tastes.
Dred Aug 13 2016
(4 / 5)
Aug 13 2016
I found this quite useful for cleaning up muddled and muddy drum tracks, as claimed. it was also quite useful at cleaning up dynamics in the mastering stage, taming transients and minor artifacts quite well. I did find that once I had applied the tool to more than 2 tracks in a composition that the UI no longer displays the levels, or does so intermittently. Overall, though, I was surprised at the versatility of this tool, and I am quite pleased with it. I'm adding it to my rack permanently. Thanks guys for a beautiful tool.
el touristo Jan 17 2016
Jan 17 2016
I don't think this plugin tries to thoroughly achieve pschoacoustically 'adjusted' compression. It's a really deep and complex concept. I would love to see a really ambitious one. But I think it's great that this one is working along those lines. I think if the author(s) of the plugin were to deeply describe the theory they used, as well as the mechanisms to achieve that control, it would be an invaluable addition to the project. Maybe it is in some documentation somewhere, idk.
ksavHOMErecs Oct 28 2015
(4 / 5)
Oct 28 2015
Gorgeous GUI but really hard to "operate" on my netbook. Great for studio/bigger screen, but really pain in azz for smaller screens... can we "split in 1/2" :) ?
ksavHOMErecs Sept 25 2015
(4 / 5)
Sept 25 2015
Basically take VOS HF and LF eq + Compressor + Mid/Side/Center and you may OR may not achieve the same result. So why waste time... just download this sweet sounding "toy" and start mastering your trax on the fly :) VOS = Magic!
cyber_T Mar 22 2015
(5 / 5)
Mar 22 2015
Very, very good! If you use this plugin with moderate settings(all levels in the "green" range) and no eq, the sound will altered in the style of the famous ssl- "4k"- desks! The sound gets a good touch of bite but WITHOUT nasty distortions. Exellent on busses.
KSAV audiovisual Jan 07 2015
(5 / 5)
Jan 07 2015
It is kickAZZ ... sweet and amazing from a to z. TNX
Frankie Mar 15 2014
(5 / 5)
Mar 15 2014
For me a little glitchy in the UI area (maybe not the plugins fault), but overall works well.
Anonymous Feb 08 2014
Feb 08 2014
I like all of 'variety of sound' processors, I have used them for some time. In my music -electronica- I use many different processes on each song I compose, I alternate things, use drastically different sound harmonics in each song. I was told one that 'electronica is dead, that I should take up piano' and was also told that 'every thing that can be done has been done already' So I break all those rules- electronic music is not dead, the creativity in the world is DEAD - there is a huge lack of talent in this age, lack of exploratory of new ideas, lack of insight, lack of innovation. Every one of these I take a long look at and I focus on the characters to enhance my music muse - many love my music, but are shamed to support me because they don't want to look like a odd man out in their social media - this why pop stars are all hated, but yet they have huge fan base seemingly, it is like the numbers are padded by the label so people think they have to buy that music - it is a huge illusion. I used to play punk rock and my thought of the industry is still the same even though I play a complete different genre than punk rock - I create a whole symphony around hip hop beats, but people just don't like symphony anymore - they just like some dude with a single line drum beat and saying some kind of negative verses - its like they all download the same drumbeat that 300,000 other do and add their vocals to it, one liner songs, no creativity in the music, no courage to play their own sound. All the African Americans making r&b or hiphop -why don't you try to play something else? Play Back, Chopin, play your music that sounds like alice cooper. Explore music, don't copycat others, do your own thing! I love you, play us something from the heart not from copying some one else. BE YOURSELF-lets take music back. I am very particular in how my music is being mastered in the recording studio, I am full electronic but I always tell the engineer I want the out come sound of my music to woodsy, like wood, organic and natural and a resonance like water flowing in a brook. These are the naturals sound humans respond to, not their outside but their inside soul. I don't like much reverb in my music, it gives the whole song a un natural feel. All the instruments bleed into each other. Whereas I try to individualize each instrument, having many delicate sounds through my tracks, like using micro beats, environmental sounds. Real samples of everyday items sound metallic and I try to keep that REAL sound in my music, cause to much processing on a recorded sample makes it sound synthetic.
Anonymous Feb 10 2014
Feb 10 2014
I agree with you to the letter! You hit it right on!
pim tilton Feb 26 2014
Feb 26 2014
Really excellent- sensitive, intelligent letter!
jayfonics Jun 10 2014
Jun 10 2014
mr anonymous.. your right to a point ...but all not all people of color make r&b and hip hop with cuss words and death ...I know u didn't mean it but don't generalize...there is a lot of hip hop, r&b, pop music that is great ..but just doesn't get the play as big record labels do ..BUT THE INTERNET PLAYS ALOT OF GREAT HOT MUSIC..U JUST HAVE TO NETWORK WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE..i think you feel me on this ...there is a lot of crap out there ..just bull crap and a lot of this rap ol man straight GARBAGE.. I agree with alot of what u said.. alot of preset hoes...they just find the newest preset then boom .. instant crap
TJ Mar 26 2015
Mar 26 2015
oh dude! Do u know how dumb u sound? Quit the useless random rants! This is totally NOT the site for that crap. Bet you didnt even try this plug-in!!! idiot! And by the way, its BACH not 'back'! Lmfao just goes to show how much u know!
wow Feb 04 2014
(5 / 5)
Feb 04 2014
Best plugin ever!