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EasternONE includes middle eastern instruments with some velocity switch samples for some patches.
  • Oud 8 Patches with different sounds.
  • Accordion 3 patches.
  • Semsemia 2 patches (never sampled before).
  • Mejwiz (traditional Arabic woodwind instrument).
  • Ney (traditional Arabic woodwind instrument).
  • Qanoun (traditional Arabic String instrument).
  • Kaman 3 patches (Arabic version of Violin).
  • Santour.
  • Clarinet.
Volume envelope parameters are provided as well as oriental scale tuning with fine tune option for each note, to apply quarter tune scales for instruments. Built in Delay and reverb controls are provided along with a demo button on interface.
Malo Bye bye Jun 14 2024
Jun 14 2024
The setup has no setup... Just an application extension
MH Jan 22 2024
Jan 22 2024
Sounds nice but I can't figure out how to switch instruments or what the buttons on the left do.
orientexpresss May 09 2024
May 09 2024
on the right upper corner just next to minimize button you have to keep clicking the arrows to switch
Ahmed Jun 02 2023
Jun 02 2023
There is no slides and glissandos
Advik Feb 21 2023
Feb 21 2023
It's not installing in my pc
pashei Jan 15 2024
Jan 15 2024
Same problem
Anonymous Jan 10 2023
(5 / 5)
Jan 10 2023
Definitely one of the best sounding oriental sounds out there
Syldjo Brass Dec 14 2022
(4 / 5)
Dec 14 2022
Cet instrument est magnifique.
Szleppy Dec 11 2022
(5 / 5)
Dec 11 2022
Super enjoyable and inspiring plugin. Some of the instrument samples are little lo-fi, but playing in new musical scales is very eye-opening, or I should say, ear-opening. If anyone is a fan of the Australian duo Dead Can Dance on 4AD records from the 80s, this group used exactly these instruments combined with western indie synth goth music to great effect. My compliments to the developer on a great plugin.
ناصر Nov 30 2022
Nov 30 2022
شكرا علي هذا البرنامج
Malegria Aug 20 2022
(5 / 5)
Aug 20 2022
I love this plugin so much!
Florian Aug 14 2022
(4 / 5)
Aug 14 2022
Is it possible to save the scale (= which notes should be quarter notes) that I selected? Currently I have the problem that as soon as I reopen my DAW (Studio One 5), all my settings regarding the scale is lost. So I need to open all my instances of the plugin and set the scale. Could that be an issue with JBridger (the plugin that I use in order to work with 32 bit plugins)? Otherwise I am really impressed by this plugin! It sounds astonishing and very realistic! But not being able to save the selected scale is a huge drawback.
Gianni Apr 19 2022
Apr 19 2022
Hey! How to use it on Logic pro ?
Giorgio Feb 03 2022
Feb 03 2022
Can you guys fix this for Mac? I love the sounds!
Wassup Feb 02 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 02 2022
Its called Easternone because of the Middle eastern sounds doesnt matter the country it's a general vst.
Lewis Jan 20 2022
Jan 20 2022
How do you switch between instruments?
Wazzaa Oct 31 2021
Oct 31 2021
Should I use this vst on a fl studio 32bit itself? It is in my plugin list and all but when I load it up, it says, couldn't be found or might need to be unlocked.. Can anyone help please, I definitely want to use this plugin.. Thanks so much
Pierre B Dec 02 2021
Dec 02 2021
Je l'utilisais sur un FL 32Bit et je viens de passer au FL20 64Bit, le VST marche car FL bridge automatiquement les VST 32Bit. Après comme tout les 32Bit dans FL 64Bit, il a quelques soucis
atousa Oct 30 2021
Oct 30 2021
They are persian instruments
joe the fish Jul 08 2021
(5 / 5)
Jul 08 2021
Excellent ! A great one, easy to use & very good sounds, I love it !
PSY-LION Mar 03 2021
(5 / 5)
Mar 03 2021
Sounds awesome!!!
saeed Jan 13 2021
Jan 13 2021
Most of these instruments are Persian not Arabic!
f May 25 2021
May 25 2021
Do your research you'll find out most if not all are arabic
David Oct 01 2021
Oct 01 2021
Ney, Oud, and Santoor are definitely Persian. the others might be as well, but I'm sure of these three.
bruh the bruh Oct 25 2021
Oct 25 2021
Oud is Arabic, there is a Persian instrument that was made before Oud which is similar but have less strings, I don't know it's name to be honest.
Rippley Dec 02 2020
(5 / 5)
Dec 02 2020
I love this VST. I have always wanted to start learning more about Maqams for my own music, and this makes it really easy. It also sounds very good for its age, as well as being completely free
AJ Nov 28 2020
Nov 28 2020
It doesn't work... I have also installed and used jbridbed, but in Fl Studio - plugins it appear like "Eastern One - error".... How can i fix this problem? Thx
Fabrizio Dec 01 2020
Dec 01 2020
Solo hay versión de 32 bits, es posible que tu ordenador solo acepte de 64. Se puede ver abriendo la biblioteca, luego darle click derecho a Este equipo y opción propiedades donde aparece desde el Windows que usas e información como bits de programas que autoriza el dispositivo, me pasó varias veces al buscar plugins pero estoy acostumbrado.
Anonymous Oct 21 2020
(4 / 5)
Oct 21 2020
for LMMS users: you can change the instruments, 1- go to the little window called VeSTige, the one that has a little text on top where it says container, that window where we load the dll basically. 2- look down right, on top of the piano, you have three little arrows (they look like triangles), one facing left, the next facing right, and the third one facing down. to change the instrument just hit the left and right arrows to change instruments back and forward :D
СтудияБольшевик Oct 24 2020
Oct 24 2020
Anonymous Oct 20 2020
Oct 20 2020
There is only a .dll file to paste and Ableton doesn't recognite it...
Anonymous Oct 28 2020
Oct 28 2020
ableton doesnt like 32bit plugins you will have to use something called jbridge in order for it to work
Alex Dec 14 2020
Dec 14 2020
I just wanted to let you know your comment solved a problem I've been having for years. THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!
Isa Sep 13 2020
Sep 13 2020
Ist das lizenzfrei?
Anonymous Sep 14 2020
Sep 14 2020
Mark Jul 30 2020
Jul 30 2020
Won't load for me in Acid Pro 7. Shows in my list of VST plugins though.
User Jun 20 2020
(2 / 5)
Jun 20 2020
I can only run 3 tracks in Cakewalk by Bandlab with this. When I try to add the fourth track, I get a message saying "The following VST plug-in failed to load" Followed by another window saying "Failed to insert soft synth. The synth may not be properly installed."
cakewalkuser Aug 01 2021
Aug 01 2021
maybe because the plugin is 32bit.. cakewalk works better with 64bit/vst3 these days
Pradip Mukherjee Jun 12 2020
Jun 12 2020
Namaste. Excellent tones - and of course the scale, all tones have the unique flavour. Thanks.
Daniel Jan 03 2020
Jan 03 2020
Hey, How can I change the instrument, it loads the Oud and I don't know how to change it, Thanks!
Andrew Apr 25 2020
Apr 25 2020
Hit the two arrows on the top left of the Fruity Wrapper window next to the "close window" button.
theo Nov 04 2019
(4 / 5)
Nov 04 2019
Best of best :)
Awesome! May 20 2019
May 20 2019
Please add an octaver orchestra and some keyboard sounds used in arabic music, please man!
Anonymous Mar 25 2019
(5 / 5)
Mar 25 2019
Now my orgasm is playing those soul taking sounds on the keyboard as solos ohhhh my god, how it feels amazing, I'm so thankful
mike Jan 19 2019
(5 / 5)
Jan 19 2019
Awesome for some freestyle house
cerdd Sept 06 2018
(4 / 5)
Sept 06 2018
The sounds are great and it works well but an additional instance of it in my sequencer causes it to crash
Robert Aug 09 2018
Aug 09 2018
I must be missing something, I downloaded the file put it .dll file in the plugin folder of LMMS. I can only get the Oud sound, none of the other sound are there and I don't seem to find how to change them
gertew Jan 08 2019
Jan 08 2019
Same problem here
Aeas Feb 02 2019
Feb 02 2019
Same problem too
Ben Jul 18 2020
Jul 18 2020
Same here
Carmel Abramovitch Jul 11 2018
Jul 11 2018
Works perfect in Reaper. It's amazing. Thanks! would love to see more
riki rex Jul 02 2018
Jul 02 2018
great...and beautiful sample compositions...Thank you.
bennacer Jun 02 2018
Jun 02 2018
Aleksandria May 30 2018
(4 / 5)
May 30 2018
Wow! What a gem :) So happy i found it. Works perfectly for me.
Thanos May 13 2018
May 13 2018
Great collection, very realistic samples and instrument setup.
Korgis Sept 16 2017
Sept 16 2017
Nice sounds. Loving Oriental music
Bill Aug 22 2017
Aug 22 2017
This sounds amazing... can't wait to use it in my score.. Many Thanks Indeed
Michael Jun 06 2017
Jun 06 2017
How do I access the other instruments? - mine is stuck on the oud setting.
Arda Jun 11 2017
Jun 11 2017
Use the preset bar on your daw!
Ava Apr 17 2017
(5 / 5)
Apr 17 2017
Hello! I love this VST, being part Armenian, I was looking for sounds such as the Oud, are there any plans to have a 64 bit version? I have Cubase 9 and unfortunately, I can no longer use some of my sounds, just because they no longer support 32 bit plug-ins or instruments. Thank you!
Chona Mi May 24 2017
May 24 2017
There is a WOW64 emulator in Windows 10 that lets you run 32 bit plugins in 64 bit machines. Hope that helps
msea Mar 07 2017
(5 / 5)
Mar 07 2017
I think with a bit of practice this one could be amazing... sounds just as good maybe better than the last version of Kontakt player I tried (a few years ago)...
Luddi Jan 19 2017
(4 / 5)
Jan 19 2017
Nice Sounds! But: It doen't support multichannel? I want to load it twice in my VST Rack in Cubase for using two different sounds in my project. Doesn't work :(
v mega music Nov 25 2016
Nov 25 2016
Fantastic , thanks alot
Kiwi Aug 05 2016
(4 / 5)
Aug 05 2016
Love it, but I wish I knew where they got that nice percussion from. I can't find it in the list of sounds.
boots Jul 25 2016
Jul 25 2016
Its empty when I load it into FL. Any way to fix that?
Sonnic Apr 10 2016
Apr 10 2016
To use this program, you must copy it to 32bit vst folder, example: C:Program Files (x86)CakewalkVstPlugins EasternONE.dll . The name of this vst plugin is not recognition as Eastern One ... it is recognition as Container (32-bit)
AhmedYasser Apr 05 2020
Apr 05 2020
Thanks man you saved me i have been searching for it on FlStudio and i was like wtf??
mostafa Mar 03 2016
Mar 03 2016
Very exciting instrument.
Amy Jan 23 2016
(4 / 5)
Jan 23 2016
Really awesome!!
Anonymous Dec 11 2015
Dec 11 2015
Tried to install, but it does not load into
Anonymous Mar 17 2016
Mar 17 2016
mine neither ...........
Luis Tamayo Zegers Nov 22 2015
(4 / 5)
Nov 22 2015
Very good sound. But, suddenly disappeared from the DAW's list of available VSTi. Some kind of use restriction ?
Anonymous Nov 23 2015
Nov 23 2015
This is totally free with no restriction...
curio Dec 07 2015
Dec 07 2015
Same here... really want to use this plugin but it has vanished into thin air. I use mixcraft 7
thor Nov 01 2015
Nov 01 2015
doesn't work at all with Magix Samplitude Studio 16, impossible to load it and to install it, my DAW is on 7 32 bits, maybe because there is a mse file.
Farouk Oct 06 2015
(5 / 5)
Oct 06 2015
Vl�rch Sept 27 2015
(3 / 5)
Sept 27 2015
Damn, this sounds absolutely amazing! The only problem I have with it is the high CPU usage, since I have a really potato computer and this plugin alone pushes it to its limits... :P
tim Mar 18 2015
Mar 18 2015
Why will it open in fl studio, as first imported plug in... but crashes the whole program if you try to import it into existing tracks?
Romany Fathey Feb 18 2015
Feb 18 2015
How could I change the instruments?
Robert Aug 10 2018
Aug 10 2018
I am having the same problem, 6 months later for you, I don't see an answer
Bob Mar 15 2020
Mar 15 2020
You should click on the button at the top left of the plugin window. You'll find a category named "presets", then, you can change the instrument. :)
yappy Nov 07 2014
Nov 07 2014
Great stuff here. Works well in fl studio. A must have in my humble opinion.
Secret Sound Beats Aug 31 2014
(5 / 5)
Aug 31 2014
It is High quality sounds. I love it! It works perfect.
Anonymous Jun 24 2014
(5 / 5)
Jun 24 2014
it works for me in fl 9, I just need manual and MIDI cc table. You should wait a bit for it to load on your DAW like close to 2 minutes. Good plug-in.
Anonymous Mar 12 2014
Mar 12 2014
Won't load in fl studio, such a shame i could've made some hot tracks with this baby.
Pradip Mukherjee Jun 12 2020
Jun 12 2020
Mine loaded in FL - just put the downloaded rar file (extracted to dll level) into C-Pro86-ImageLine-FL-Plugin-VST - normal like other VSTs- It would appear in plugins of FL as Container
Ranks Jan 31 2014
Jan 31 2014
Tried to install, but it does not load into Cubase. It is shown in the list, though. Pity.