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ChaosChimp is designed to cause problems for your sequencer.

It was built under the philosophy that instead of hoping bad things never happen, they should be forced to happen often so that one is better prepared for them. ChaosChimp can be useful for live performance trainning or for sequencer developers, to simulate naughty or misbehaving plugins.

At the top of the plugin are buttons to disable or enable the following types of chaos:
  • Audio dropouts
  • Hogging a ton of CPU
  • Try to crash the host (disabled by default)
  • Simulate feedback (disabled by default). In actuality, this scenario will play a burst of white noise, as real feedback is quite harsh on loudspeakers (and ears).
  • Leak lots of memory
ChaosChimp will run the scenarios at random intervals according to the values set by the three knobs:
  • Probability: Determines the likelihood that one of the selected chaos scenarios will be run.
  • Duration: How long the chaos scenario will last (in seconds).
  • Cooldown: How long to wait before running a new scenario after one has just occurred. Note that since the scenarios are run at random intervals, this value only guarantees the minimum amount of chaos-free time after a scenario has been run.
For best results, place it on your master output channel and tweak the settings before playing anything.
DrakuLaura Feb 16 2022
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Feb 16 2022
This plugin can HARM (!!!) your computer. It has nothing to do with sound, because it just causes sudden CPU overload. So, a kind of not funny, horrendous benchmark/overlocking test. In my case it has caused heavy CPU overload/heat with slowed down mouse movements, but potentially it can totally destroy and ruin weak notebooks/laptops.
Big Steve Dec 02 2019
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Dec 02 2019
10/10, does exactly what it says. "Problem Simulator". LOL.
Skunkrocker Apr 04 2018
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Apr 04 2018
I thought this was supposed to SIMULATE problems, not actually cause them. Holy shit. First time I used it hard crashed me to desktop! This should be in it's own category on the site. I deleted it immediately after using. Would not recommend to anyone unless you want to stress test something, specifically your sanity.
SoulBoy Dec 22 2020
Dec 22 2020
Thx for the look ahead... I thought this could have been a nice vst to have.
Anonymous Jun 20 2016
Jun 20 2016
Was this released around the first of April ?
jekov Jul 18 2015
Jul 18 2015
Ableton no. usar liveprofessor para jamming
Anonymous Jan 07 2015
Jan 07 2015
When scanning with Ableton live to see the new vst, it locked up on this and wouldn't proceed past it.
LiamCat Jan 28 2014
Jan 28 2014
This is funny, I can see the use for some productions, band and such. As for me, I have experienced everything on this and a hundred times more being a live gigging band, it doesnt simulate forgetting hardware chords, device and being on TIME at venues haha. If that could be invented I would love to download it...perhaps the developer designs a notepad VST plugin that can list all the stuff a musician needs to pack in the box, car-like a check list that you have to press a button in order to mark off that they packed it, because that has always been a issue for bands going to play shows. Fortunately from the older days where I had to bring the entire studio to play a 30 minute set-midi pulled from the synths banks not from hard drive, I had to have ten synths every kind of hardware one could imagine, now its all just plug and play from a small number of midi controllers - don't need but only a small tech center on stage, just with my computer alone I can blow the doors off any keyboard electronic band from back in the early 90's - I have almost no set backs on stage, everything comes off with out a hitch. In my DAW software I have a play list so i just load it with the songs and then push play, I have a few boards that I sort of just add lib stuff on stage for the show of me doing something...a HUGE benefit for electronic music, for some this would sound like cheating, but for me, that I have been on stage hundreds and hundreds of times, this technology is a god send, there is nothing more nerve wracking than something FKing up in a performance. I could have the worst cold or throat condition - I could lip sync the whole thing- some say shame on you...but i think why ruin my reputation and chart listing by cancelling a show?????
gridsleep Jan 19 2014
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Jan 19 2014
Just be careful with it because it can crash background processes. The Eat Memory locked up the DAW I was using and ChaosChimp along with it, so it would not release the memory. With the computer stuck in Chaos mode I could only kill the DAW and Chaos Chimp along with it (I had to kill an ilbridge process separately) to get everything running again. So, just be careful using this. It's serious, not a toy.