by Samsara Cycle Audio
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Harmonica is a dual voice harmonica.
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Mal-2 Jul 14 2020
(4 / 5)
Jul 14 2020
I use this quite frequently, the Midnight Cowboy preset in particular. It goes well with a slippery approach to bends, and a refusal to acknowledge the missing notes, a la Howard Levy (Béla Fleck). It can get a bit strident, but nothing that can't be tamed with a filter downstream. It seems to have a limited palette of really good sounds, and even after noodling with the knobs myself, I only like and use three of them, but those three are great. Here's a track: https://mal-2.bandcamp.com/track/cactus-is-our-friend
Clitomachus Dec 30 2017
Dec 30 2017
Why only the left speaker sounds? Is this happening only to me?
Lars76 Jul 13 2017
(5 / 5)
Jul 13 2017
Very Difficult but if you take your time you could get a "once upon a time in the west" sound with the cowboy preset, the right wah and vibrato automatation and a bit of blending und gliding, and some attac, release, reverb etc. adjustments and of course some extra fx ...its hard, i tried some hours but it worked very good at the end...
lolwut Jan 19 2015
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Jan 19 2015
This sounds like a dancing monkey not a harmonica lol. Cool synth, would be better rebranded.
HonknoH Aug 24 2015
Aug 24 2015
hah, true