by Novakill
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NitrousNEO features 2 Quad Oscillators with pulse-width modulation and FM.

Its super-compact UI is designed to maximise workflow without making it too hard to work with, thanks to large, well-spaced knobs and obvious, simple to use minor controls.
  • 2 Quad Oscillators with pulse-width modulation and FM.
  • Unison, optimised for "massive, phatty goodness".
  • State-Variable filter with Low Pass 12 and 24dB/octave and 12dB/octave High Pass, band Pass and Band Reject modes.
  • 2 ADSR envelopes, both with multiple interpolation modes [slope] with looping on the modulation envelope only.
  • Tempo-synced LFO with 5 modulation destinations [3 available simultaneously].
  • VCA with Mono/Poly modes and Portamento [mono mode only].
  • Extensive routing for velocity modulation and Mod Wheel control.
  • 16-step programmable Gate Modulation source, assignable to phase mod, filter cutoff and volume [trance-gate].
  • New RARP uses the Gate sequence to create random note variations over a user-definable range [0 to 2 octaves].
  • Overdrive effect.
  • MIDI "Learn" eliminates the need for MIDI CC assignments.
Karlos Dec 24 2019
(0 / 5)
Dec 24 2019
Es una berga
Thanos Aug 07 2019
(5 / 5)
Aug 07 2019
The NEO series of Novakill preserves the abilities of their previous synths but adds two valuable features: a) midi learn, which is important to speed up sound design and b) compact GUI, which is economic in screen. Overall, for free products Novakill synths are very underrated for their abilities and probably new users find intimidating to work on the hexagonal format. However such format is not just a design choice, but demonstrates effort from the develpoers of saving space (see f.ex. the bee cells). It is a pity that they do not provide 64-bit versions. For this synth, as nobody cared to evaluate, I give a 5/5 which reflects the sophistication behind it, for the given scope of sound design.