by Novakill
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ULTRAkILLER is a hybrid synth using subtractive and/or additive synthesis.

It has 2 oscillators, each of which offers multiple forms of synthesis. They run through 2 independant multi-mode filters with multiple routing opportunities. 3 envelopes, 2 LFO and a modulation matrix make for almost endless possibilities.

Each oscillator gives a choice of 3 oscillator types:
  • BASIC oscillator is just that with 7 waveform choices.
  • UNISON oscillator has 11 waveforms and built-in Unison [low CPU use].
  • SPECTRAL oscillator is a high quality additive oscillator.
  • Unison mode with up to 7 voices.
  • Oscillator Hard Sync.
  • Two State-Variable Filters with complex stereo routing options and mixable Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject filter modes.
  • 2 x 6-stage Modulation Envelopes with looping and assignable interpolation modes.
  • 2 x tempo-synced LFO.
  • 2 x Randomators [accessed from Mod Matrix].
  • Dedicated ADSR envelope for VCA stage.
  • 2 separate overdrive stages, one per oscillator and one post-VCA.
  • Built-in Gate effect.
  • 8-slot Modulation Matrix.
  • Full MIDI CC implementation.
pgreyy Sep 07 2023
(3 / 5)
Sep 07 2023
Those who commented that this synth's presets can be loud were not lying! I found some presets only voiced on one side of the stereo spectrum. Eventually, though, FL21.1 couldn't find the program and that corrupted one of the projects I'd used it on...so, I uninstalled it. Shame...I don't mind having a good aggressive synth option. (And it has made me wary of trying other plugins from this developer, unfortunately.)
Andrei Jan 17 2020
(4 / 5)
Jan 17 2020
I was surprised by its very loud and agressive sounds. The overall quality is above average free synths.
stvrsz Aug 17 2014
(5 / 5)
Aug 17 2014
Honestly...this thing is incredible for industrial music. It is a bit heavy on CPU, but the sounds...sounds...
Darrell Casey May 16 2014
(4 / 5)
May 16 2014
I love it!