freq show
by de la Mancha
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freq show screws around with your audio and ouputs an unholy version of whatever you fed it.

  • A - choose 1 from 11, using the power of your ears to decide which you like best.
  • B - like A, but B.
  • mode - choose 1 from 9 ways that A fucks up B, or B shits on A.
  • xy pad - using your mouse, a midi pad or sheer will power, move the puck around to influence how much freq show will defecate on your audio.
pimp chimpin Aug 14 2020
(5 / 5)
Aug 14 2020
It's like therapy but buzzed I love these disgusting little sounds
PJJ96 Aug 25 2019
Aug 25 2019
Fun for mangling audio and slightly more intuitive than Therapy (which is also a really fun VST from the same developer)