by de la Mancha
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miniSID is a quick and simple SID synth for getting that chiptune sound with the minimum of tweaking.

The waveforms are sampled from a 6581 SID chip and the arp gives that retro gamer effect.
  • Square, Saw and Triangle waves sampled from a 6581 SID chip.
  • 2 oscs with 3 levels of oscillator sync.
  • Arp with 3 modes and 4 speeds.
  • Arp has up to 4 octaves range.
  • Arp has 4 note length options.
  • All controls have MIDI CC's assigned.
bobby Mar 15 2020
Mar 15 2020
it doesnt work
TehCarterPSpartan Feb 03 2021
Feb 03 2021
It does, you idiot!
Opti Apr 06 2016
(4 / 5)
Apr 06 2016
Somewhat limited, but considering its size this thing can pull off some amazing sounds.
LiamCat Feb 12 2014
Feb 12 2014
This is ok, I however feel that chiptune is way to over used for vst plugin designers. You never hear songs with chiptune instruments on the radio or cut into any albums, Bjork used chiptune and microbeats, but all the electronica musicians these day don't try to be as creative as Bjork and I never hear this stuff in anyone's projects/tracks. I used them a number of times on my albums and tracks, but I do a bunch of stuff also, that gets over turned by all the hiphop.