by Tweakbench
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field is a multisample based ambience generator. using original field recordings.

field allows you to generate suitable backing ambience for any track.
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brotherj Jan 26 2017
Jan 26 2017
I would use this on a stereo mixdown, just to give it some honk. Bit grainy, but that's music.
Ambient Jack Jan 08 2017
Jan 08 2017
Nice sounds in here, however the loops are short so you really notice the fact that they are short recordings looping. Also, can anyone get this to record midi with REaper? I tried, but instead of it recording midi, it recorded nothing, so not very useful in the end.
Ambient Jack Oct 04 2017
Oct 04 2017
In Reaper, I have tried various things, like sending the output from this item's track to another track, and recording on this second track, but nothing seems to capture the noises. I can hear them, but not record them. anyone got any ideas how to do this in Reaper? otherwise, this is not a useful item. which is a shame, because some of the noises are good, if you ignore the fact that they are noticabely looping after a short duration.
mr man Apr 18 2014
(5 / 5)
Apr 18 2014
Very nice! Provides great texture for backgrounds and actually works nicely for testing different atmospheres for tracks.