SD 2100
by Acquit Music
3.9 / 5     (58 votes)
SD 2100 is an emulation of the famous Emu SP 1200 Beat box.
Bembrunt May 05 2023
(1 / 5)
May 05 2023
It does not work on Studio One 5 Artist
Ben Jan 12 2020
Jan 12 2020
Damn, I can't figure out how to use this in Ableton.. it's the only VST that didn't work via JBridge (64bit to 32bit bridger. I want sooo badly!!
Кафе-бар "Академия". Aug 28 2021
Aug 28 2021
Спецом выкачал, через бридж поставил в папку vst. Всё работает, так что не надо шуметь.
Matt Feb 12 2017
(2 / 5)
Feb 12 2017
Not a terrible VST, however it crashes A LOT when I use it. Not sure if I need to free up some space or what, but it's getting obnoxious.
Ken B Jan 15 2017
(5 / 5)
Jan 15 2017
This thing is nuts, but I love it. Not long downloaded and experimenting, but some of the sounds are insane, but in a good way. Very versatile.
MEMFIS Oct 07 2016
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Oct 07 2016
Ничего общего с SP2100 по звуку не наблюдается.
osigy Apr 06 2019
Apr 06 2019
Единственный русский коммент и сразу обосрал. Сам ты говно.
MFS Oct 12 2020
Oct 12 2020
I can do it any possible way! If it's crap - it's crap. Outtie.
Ilya Jul 24 2016
Jul 24 2016
Doesn't want to load samples. Bridged in Reaper.
Andrew Oct 29 2015
Oct 29 2015
Everytime i go to load in a sample, it comes up with a 32exe. alert and closes out the VSTi! what am i doing wrong....
VOID COMM Oct 05 2020
Oct 05 2020
If your trying to use it in Ableton it wont work because it is a 32bit plug-in and Ableton 10 is 64bit DAW u can use a wrapper to put 64bit config around the 32bit plug-in thus making it 64bit and useable in 64bit DAW's
Anonymous Apr 19 2014
Apr 19 2014
This is great, good crisp sound, five stars for this classic emulation, I should be making some classics with this myself.
Samantha Jun 06 2013
Jun 06 2013
Several nights have passed. Mark invited me back into his room to help him with his computer. As I was helping him with his computer. He was behind me and started playng with SD 2100.... maybe I should buy myself a play station...I thought... I'm going crazy... so i pressed "reset" with my toe, and guess what... happened??? Gosh, he sampled my yelling cries whilst beating me 120 bpm!!! What an emulation....
LiamCat Jan 31 2014
Jan 31 2014
~Liam Cat snickers! and this is how we do it ala industrial.
Anonymous Jan 26 2012
(4 / 5)
Jan 26 2012
Very good sound and parameters too!
Kool Boy Fresh Dec 29 2010
Dec 29 2010
Me and My Homeboys producing Miami Bass. do you like to produce this dope music your must have this sampler ;) for 808 Sound i use the TS-808 & Drummatic VE.
DJ B&L Jun 05 2010
(5 / 5)
Jun 05 2010
I make miami bass. my drummachines the ts 808 & SD 2100
mauricio Mar 11 2010
(5 / 5)
Mar 11 2010
this is great. what's the robot filter... what it's doing and how would I re create that effect?
BLaQ Caesar Oct 08 2009
(4 / 5)
Oct 08 2009
Personally, I love it, only thing I wish it came with some basic instructions, like where to locate the sounds on the keypad in relation to the keys on the emulator. Awesome idea I tried to create one myslef but never accomplished it.