VR-08 free
by Alipapa
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VR-08 free is a Roland TR-808 emulation.

This VSTi is built around 2134 samples recorded at 44.1 khz from a vintage unit. Parameters are designed to take advantage of this huge library, to recreate the original sound of the TR-808 as close as possible.
Stefano Aug 11 2023
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Aug 11 2023
Free VR-08 version 64bit plugin installed on Cubase 12 Elements DAW with 44.1Khz. No sound is produced. Several other 64bit plugins works fine.
Mairk Sep 09 2023
Sep 09 2023
Unfortunately this isn't a free working version. It will work but you have to change your DAW sample rate to 44K - mine doesn't seem to do that. Non starter¬
Darth Vader Nov 03 2023
Nov 03 2023
I command you to just download this again. But, when asked if 44.1 or 48 chose 44.1 that option is in the same menu that asks you to agree to it's policies before downloading. May the download be with you !!
Alvaro Mar 06 2022
Mar 06 2022
I installed the free VR-08 version plugin and I configured Cakewalk DAW for 44.1Khz, but no sound is produced from the screen neither Midi controller, any tips you could send to me?
Aleksander Kalinowski Jun 09 2020
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Jun 09 2020
Frequently I will lose all functionality from this plugin, as it will suddenly refuse to play any sound whatsoever, regardless of how many times I have reloaded the plugin. I would try the pro version, but I feel that it would be a waste of money. Use at your own risk.
Erman May 19 2020
May 19 2020
Super! Is it possible to play a loop and select the time laps for each instrument in the free version? I didn't find the way to do it.
Anonymous Mar 14 2020
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Mar 14 2020
Doesn't work. VST loads and (conveniently loads note names in the piano roll) but no sound. Bummer
Niki Apr 24 2020
Apr 24 2020
Check this video. With the free version your DAW has to be playing at the correct sample rate. https://youtu.be/2A68QaGx5v4
USS Nov 14 2019
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Nov 14 2019
I have this plugin's Pro version. It's one of the first plugins I bought a few years ago when I discovered computer music and MIDI. It is great. I use it a lot. My only problem is I seem to have the file in my sites of regular deleting, which they use to verify the install. As I have to reverify from time to time. It is not often. Just 1 or 2 times a year on each machine it's on. Right now I am thinking about downloading it again for a new machine, since I haven't installed it properly there yet and there's that start menu verifier. It's not a bad price for how used it is. One of my more used plugins.
Daz Oct 13 2019
Oct 13 2019
Installed 64 bit ver into cubase 10, plugin loads but no sound output, just sits there using 7% cpu and shed load spiel about upgrade to pro.
Ben Jul 19 2019
Jul 19 2019
I have a problem to install VR-08 with Cubase Élément 10. I see it under my VST Plug-in Manager but not when I try to create a new instrument Track but it does not appear in that listing. THANKS
northy May 15 2019
May 15 2019
Thanx, it is usefull
David Apr 17 2019
Apr 17 2019
I've downloaded the vst and am trying to use it on Reaper. When I try to use it the message "unable to load the instrument wave data from sample-set" comes up. Anybody have any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
Monolectric May 25 2019
May 25 2019
For some reason, Reaper has Problems to load Samples that are oganized in *.mse-Containers or other Container like *.bin. I've got the same Problems by using any of those Plugins with Reaper on Linux Mint 17. Since Linux Mint 18 these Problems didn't appear and the sampled Sounds are loading after starting that Plugin. I don't know whats the Problem by using Windows because I do not use Windows for 10 years
Just a guy Jan 02 2019
Jan 02 2019
Does anyone know if it works on reaper?
Me.. Jan 18 2019
Jan 18 2019
ableton user May 24 2018
May 24 2018
Just how the hell do i get it to work though? installed to my vst folder, yet no sounds other than that "error notofication" noise when press anything on the keybaord. did i miss something?
Magengar Apr 07 2018
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Apr 07 2018
From the looks of THIS vst, I believe I may have found my Drum Machine that I had always wanted... 16 tracks to play with so that I can create a mere 4-piece garage drum kit or a monster George Kollias "NILE" doublekick metal drum kit! I just want to create simple rock patterns to go out from my PC (stereo out) into a standalone digital multi-track recorder with my acoustic guitar and bass for my own folk-rock demos. I've tried a few standalone drum machines in the past, such as the Yamaha RX5 and RX7 machines, and the Alesis SR16... While I've had some nice results with the Yamaha RX machines, I've had to fracture my brain setting up the Alesis SR16 from kit-design to tuneup and effects tweaking, thus spending more time tweaking a machine than actually recording and Jamming my own music. This VST seems to offer so much flexibility that I wouldn't mind spending time tweaking around with this VST to get the sounds I want and simply commit my finalized drum track to CD for my music. Thank you so much for this FREE VST, you've saved me hundreds of dollars on music gear! Thanks!!!
Karlos Aug 24 2017
Aug 24 2017
This thing is rad. Rad rad rad. I wish I could get it to work in my LMMS just so I could record the midi. It sounds great recorded as audio. I wanna try the 96kHz and probably will buy the upgrade to pro. I just love the 80s too much. Are there any more presets with the pro version?
cyber_T Mar 07 2019
Mar 07 2019
It´s always great to support a developer of free VSTs, buying a upgraded version! But there is absolutly no information at there website about more sophisticated presets...
Ken B Jan 15 2017
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Jan 15 2017
Great sounding 808, maybe the best sound VST out there.
andrea Jun 14 2015
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Jun 14 2015
Very nice !!!
Fredy Mar 29 2015
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Mar 29 2015
Thanks a lot, it's rock!!!
LEX Mar 24 2015
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Mar 24 2015
INCREDIBLE JOB! Love this One. Thank You.
Sowitkolo Nov 12 2014
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Nov 12 2014
Richy On Road Aug 31 2014
Aug 31 2014
Danny Ayoubi Feb 24 2014
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Feb 24 2014
Great job. All the best for you guys, thank you.
Jack Oct 30 2013
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Oct 30 2013
Brutal!! Good!!!