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SX36 is a 3 band stereo processor.

It separates input audio into low, mid and high frequencies and let's you manipulate their stereo properties - width and panning or rotation. Two crossover points are always at the same distance and their range of operation is limited so you never have to worry about overlapping or going to unusable extremes of spectrum. Visual metering is done separately for each range and can be switched between correlation (M/S) and panning (L/R) mode. Special high-pass filter handles only side channel signal to remove any unwanted low frequencies that make stereo image too wobbly.
  • Three spectrum ranges with identical stereo and gain controls.
  • Choice between rotation and classic panning for each range.
  • First order (6dB/octave) crossover to preserve spectrum fluidity as much as possible.
  • Simple correlation and panning meters with two speeds of operation.
  • Dedicated, auto-monitoring side channel HP filter (12dB/octave).
  • 32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.