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QX24 is a simple hybrid equalizer/exciter.

Using it properly you'll be able to accent instrument's character making it more prominent in the mix. Sound gets harmonically enhanced mostly with 2nd and 3rd harmonic, but if you push it past moderate drive levels it gets much brighter - experiment and find the best way to utilize it.

QX24 is special kind of equalizer. It creates parallel signal route with two band-pass filters that are driven through waveshapers. Resulting sound contains lots of harmonics, especially 2nd and 3rd, hence it is brighter, more dense, slightly dynamically compressed and more “peaky” than original signal. Although this plugin is not a classic exciter, it has similar spectrum properties and overall timbre effect. Try not to think of it as any standard type of processor, just accept it’s audio enhancing properties and find the most intuitive way you can use it in your mix. User interface is relatively simple so you can focus on each parameter without losing time adjusting numerous controls. It isn’t meant to replace standard EQ or dynamics compressor, but sometimes you’ll find out that there is no need for them after you carefully treat dry signal with QX24.
  • 2 parametric band-pass filters that get processed through waveshapers (LF & HF).
  • Each filter has dedicated drive control that adjusts amount of applied effect.
  • Mix control for blending LF and HF signal.
  • Mix control for blending dry and wet signal.
  • Solo button that monitors only wet signal at maximum level.
  • All knobs are continuous, allowing fine adjustments of each control.
  • 32-bit internal processing and support for most common sample rates.
soulmuzicproductions Jan 21 2020
(5 / 5)
Jan 21 2020
Amazing plugin! Completely natural sounding. It's my go-to free exciter plugin now. Criminally Underrated
DJ-M-PEACE Aug 10 2017
Aug 10 2017
100% Working good and clean plugins
Ernesto Piovesan Sept 22 2014
(5 / 5)
Sept 22 2014
Perfeito, simples e intuitivo
John Jun 01 2014
(5 / 5)
Jun 01 2014
Very nice and usable!