by GTG
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GTG Zapkit is a drumsynth a la Kraftwerk with multiple outputs.
  • Pitch.
  • Decay.
  • Mod controls of individual drums.
  • Stereo and mutiple out versions included.
JaySan Apr 11 2015
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Apr 11 2015
Nice sounding and free :-) hey Lexxdiscotexx, it may be because your Cubase is 64bit and this plugin is 32bit ?!? This has caused me a few issues with Ableton
Lexxdiscotexx Feb 14 2015
Feb 14 2015
Somehow this plugin produces no sound in my Cubase 5, the green LEDs light up though... All other plugins do generate sound, so its not an issue like i have a configuration mistaqke or so... Anyone familiar with this situation?
Greenwood Aug 23 2017
Aug 23 2017
Lexxidiscotexx, this might be rather late, but if you use the regular version of ZapKit (not the multiout version), then you shouldn't have a problem. I had the same issue. The standard version works great.
josht. Oct 09 2013
Oct 09 2013
Use this one a lot!!! Kraftwerks' Computerworld!
DJ B&L Jun 12 2010
(5 / 5)
Jun 12 2010
yes it's a good source for drumlines a la Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock drumlines