RMI Harmonic
by Tom Saouz
3.4 / 5     (8 votes)
RMI Harmonic is an emulation of a rare 1974 synthesizer.

nomentero Feb 10 2023
Feb 10 2023
There will be no in fl20 and it freezes it. I would have liked to use this emulation. By the way, how do I uninstall it? And why not deliver the dll without forcing the installation?
Fartybreath Dec 05 2017
Dec 05 2017
Brilliant emulation - and for free! Found the almost near perfect settings for Oxy IV by watching live in living room followed by a lot of tweaking from what I could see. I,ll be using this in my Oxy 4,5,6 emulation to be posted on soundcloud when finished. Parts 1,2,3 are already posted if anyone cares for a listen
Thohi Mar 05 2017
Mar 05 2017
Anyone know how to disable polyphony? The RMIHS was monophonic, so the VST should at least have that as an option.
Zdziw Aug 05 2022
Aug 05 2022
Play with one finger.
AnalogNoise Feb 04 2017
(4 / 5)
Feb 04 2017
This being a simple but usable synth, lets say inspired by The cult 70s monster. It went straight into my Jarre-template along With the New full bucket (brigade) effect (also freeware). I give it The 4th star for its clean Gui, and in the hope that the developer publish The finished editor. Oldskool fun.
Studio R7 Feb 09 2016
Feb 09 2016
"Jarre himself routed the signal from the synth heavily saturated with the Electro-Harmonix flanger pedal and possibly a chorus effect". Actually, it's not saturated at all. The RMI is simply routed through an Electric Mistress flanger pedal (Electro Harmnonix). I successfully recreated this patch on both UltraNova and AN1x. It's not THAT difficult to make, if you know HOW achieve it.
Smashed Transistors Mar 18 2015
Mar 18 2015
You will never obtain the oxygen chorus sound with this synth. As far as I see it's based on sinewaves. The RMI synth is one of the nastiest additive synth... I've played with one of them (one of my friends used to have a repair shop). The RMI is full of logic gates and shift registers. Instead of sinewaves, it uses Walsh/Hadamard functions See http://electronotes.netfirms.com/AES2.PDF these functions provide harmonics far above 16. If you use wavetables, it won't be too difficult to replace the sinewaves with Walsh functions (but you will have to take care of aliasing).
Nick Apr 25 2014
Apr 25 2014
Did anyone find the exact preset for the Oxygene 4 chorus?
Tim Cracknell May 12 2014
May 12 2014
Not yet. The Oxygene 4 chorus is quite difficult to achieve. Jarre himself routed the signal from the synth heavily saturated with the Electro-Harmonix flanger pedal and possibly a chorus effect. A good starting point is to listen to the version on "Oxygene - Live In Your Living Room" It appears that Jarre has left the output from the RMI HS totally unaffected. You can tell that this is the basic tone used to create the chorus.
Nick May 14 2014
May 14 2014
Thank you so much for your reply, I'll try to recreate that tone seen in that video and then I'll try yo add the effects you have suggested!
FedericoH Jan 19 2014
Jan 19 2014
Muy valioso para los fans del RMI Harmonic synthesizer, Tom es el unico que se atrevió a emularlo. Muchas gracias, felicitaciones. Very valuable for fans of RMI Harmonic synthesizer, Tom is the only one who dared to emulate. Thank you very much, congratulations
Tim Cracknell Oct 16 2013
Oct 16 2013
A top notch emulation Tom! Well done!A very good additive synthesizer and from what I can gather quite close to the original instrument. A few Jean Michel Jarre fans will definitely find this of interest especially those trying to recreate the Oxygene part 4 chorus