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Q is a multi-synthesis hybrid synth.
  • 2x virtual analog oscillators
  • 1x phase distortion oscillator
  • 1x FM-Oscillator containing 5 operators
Oscillators can be routed to amp directly (pan for each oscillator), to filter 1, to filter 2 oder to both (F). If modus F is selected in oscillator, the siganal will be routed to filter 1 first. In filter 1 you can choose if the signal is not routed any further(1), routed to filter 1 and filter 2 parallely (P), or if it first passes filter1, followed by filter 2 (S).
  • 4 Envelopes (Modulation, Amp, Filter 1, Filter 2).
  • 2 Filter (1x Lowpass, 1x Multimode, Dist/Shape, Pan, parallel or serial mode).
  • 4 LFOs (all tagets available).
  • 4 Modulation sequencers (adjustable speed, target and amount).
  • Bitcrusher (can affect delay only), Lo-Fi, Delay, Reverb.
  • Adjustable modulationwheel targets.
LFO, Delay and Sequencers can run freely with adjustable speeds or be synced to the hosts or the selected tempo.