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The Ultimate MIDI chord VST plugin.

Maps any note into 0 or more other notes.
  • Keyboard or guitar (generic fretted stringed instrument) view for chord input.
  • Basic strumming.
  • Input chords by clicking the keyboard display, MIDI Learn, or by typing intervals/note names directly.
  • Chord shapes and keyboard mappings can be saved/loaded as simple text files, displayed in menus on the plugin GUI.
  • Copy/Paste chords to other trigger notes.
  • Supports multichannel chords: each chord note can be output to any combination of MIDI channels.
  • Optional chord name recognition.
  • Applies input velocity to the output chord.
  • Output can be transposed for playing in other keys.
  • Set one chord per MIDI note for 128 different chords (Full mode).
  • Use Octave mode to repeat the same 12 chords in every octave.
  • Global mode transposes one chord across the whole input range.
  • Has 128 internal programs with optional MIDI program change listening.
  • Imports Cubase/Nuendo Chorder .xml presets.
Jon May 18 2022
(5 / 5)
May 18 2022
midiChords is an incredibly useful VST instrument (not effect) with a unique feature-set. A couple alternatives are: Chord Trigger inside MainStage/Logic, Cthulhu (chords have 8-note limit), and Scaler 2 (no custom user chords (!!?). I was able to get midiChords (Mac 1.2.5) working in Mojave. But I can't get it to work on an M1 MBP running Monterey. As mentioned in my previous comment below, source code is available on github, and it could be possible for some programmer to bring it up-to-date (?) Perhaps re-writing it to be an AU. What are the legal implications of that? If the orginal developer (insert piz here) could be contacted, perhaps arrangements could be made?
Jon May 16 2022
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May 16 2022
I've moved to an M1 Mac and this VST no longer works. Either it's the M1 or Monterey, but sadly, I can no longer use this. I've seen little vestiges of MIDIchords over on github, but I can't tell if there's some actual source code there that could be recompiled in a newer (VST3?) system.
dayzru Oct 15 2021
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Oct 15 2021
This is exactly the MIDI chord analyzer plugin I needed! Works flawlessly in Reaper. It's simple and doesn't take much space. I'm not musical-educated (I won't use it otherwise) and this plugin does help me a lot. Can't say if there are any downsides as my needs are pretty simple. BTW, I invented a new chord. It's called "NOTE SOUP" =)
Jon. Nov 04 2020
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Nov 04 2020
The Mac version is 1.2.5, but it is mislabeled in the Finder "Get Info..." as version 1.2.3. After installing, confirm the version number in the plugin GUI.
Jon Oct 27 2020
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Oct 27 2020
It's a very useful and flexible plugin. So great that you can edit chords so easily. The posted version is 1.2.1 Supposedly, a version 1.2.5 exists which is 64-bit (for 64-bit exclusive hosts?). Is there any chance vst4free.com can locate that latest version and host it?
vst4free Oct 28 2020
Oct 28 2020
Thanks for the advice, it's updated!
Jon Oct 29 2020
Oct 29 2020
Thank you so much!!! Supposedly this version solves a problem with stuck notes.
Jon Oct 29 2020
Oct 29 2020
When I click "Get Info" on the plugin, it says version 1.2.3 Quite possibly, that is the latest version for mac. It is the latest version I could find.
vst4free Oct 29 2020
Oct 29 2020
I can't check for Mac, but for Windows it is 1.2.5. If somebody have a newer version for Mac, please let us know.
Jon Oct 30 2020
Oct 30 2020
As I mentioned, this is version 1.2.3, and it is the latest version I could find out there. It is 32-bit. I can use it with my older system, but it won't appear in my Mojave based DAW. I wish the developer could be contacted. I'd donate for a newer 64-bit build.
Jon Oct 31 2020
Oct 31 2020
The source code is up on github. I don't know how to compile code, but perhaps someone does?
Sebastian Jul 14 2020
Jul 14 2020
Hi, installed correctly but no sound on akai mpk mini, any idea?
Greg Mar 02 2021
Mar 02 2021
You need to run the output of midiChords to midi in of a VST or an external synth. It doesn't generate sound itself. I use this plug a lot. It does what it says. I use it with Cantabile 3 Performer (live VST host) and in Mixcraft. It's very easy to program. Great for mapping out chords and difficult solo lead parts. This is one of my favorite plugs.
Zack Oct 13 2019
Oct 13 2019
I was wanting this so I could analysis chords as I play, but it only reads chords every time you click "learn". So far it's been accurate, just wish it just analysized as I played and it had a basic piano midi sound. Am I missing something?
Thomas Jan 27 2020
Jan 27 2020
Yes it's seem the same case. With javascript and an include, the prog display the name of the chord in a true realtime. And also display notes on a bar (still to debug)
DRIK-C Aug 23 2018
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Aug 23 2018
Eric Aug 10 2016
Aug 10 2016
This is a neat program but I'd like to suggest something that would take it to the next level. Ive been doing this using sampled chords (wav audio) in Kontakt and its a powerful arranging tool, but very tedious to go back and manually write out every single chord and rhythm. My chord instrument for instance uses two different chord voicings for each octave, three velocity layers for varying the number of notes in each chord, and 24 keyswitches to select chord types. So for instance a major chord is selected by pushing C0 keyswitch, and on keys C2 are assigned the actual voicings for major guitar chords on those root notes. Then you can have minor on C#0 keyswitch, diminished on D0 and so forth. It's tedious to set everything up but the result is soooo handy
Tavasti Jun 21 2016
(5 / 5)
Jun 21 2016
This is great! With this VST you can map your midi keyboard keys to be 'shortcuts' to any chords.