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Spectror is a spectral tool.

Not based as usualy on a FFT engine, Spectror emulate an analog gear. The core of one band is architetured like this : BPF->Peak Follower->VCO / VCA.

4 LFO and some other modulators permitting to bend the stream through a matrix . A filter and a delay unit refine the final signal. Mono input, stereo output.

  • Waveform Shape.
  • Shift: Global Frequencies Shift (%).
  • REL: Global Release Length (%).
  • BW: Global BandWidth.
  • Patern/Presets: 16 memory.
  • Patern/Time: transition (ms).
  • Patern/Scan: inter band delay when modulated.

  • SPEED: 3 speed mode : BPM, BPM Host, Hz (the "hints" on text field indicate time in ms).
  • STEPS: add steps.

  • RATE: DENSITY or Speed (Hz).
  • NOISE/PARAM= smooth.
  • S&H/PARAM= smooth.
  • SPRING/PARAM= Hz modulated by DNST.

  • 24dB LP, HP, BP.
  • CUT: Cut-off.
  • RES: resonance.

MATRIX: all input signal are positive.
darko Feb 19 2020
Feb 19 2020
Some seriously musical mangling possible. Interface is a work of art too. Re: the other comment here, Spectror works on both stereo channels equally it seems. Dial in the texture with your DAW's wet/dry controls. This baby is weaponized.
Anonymous Feb 26 2017
Feb 26 2017
The problem with this that it is mono. So you will have to make manual separation between channels if you want to use this to add some things as a texture to your sound.