RS Twisted Rotary
by Retro Sampling
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RS Twisted Rotary VST is a rotary cabinet effect.

It can creates cool melodic patterns if a stereo track with melodies has one channel reversed. If used on regular mono or stereo tracks with none or little stereo separation there will be a pretty small effect.
Bill Miles Apr 24 2020
Apr 24 2020
Works awesome in Reaper, makes the signal a bit louder but is a very cool effect. If you are trying to get a live sound, just add this in a subtle way and it makes a guitar sparkle, in a live situation there are variations in air thickness which give a subtle Lesly effect. Thank You for this wonderful Free software.
LiamCat Feb 08 2014
Feb 08 2014
What you should do is create a plugin that does all of these that are posted, one that does all of this - that would be a cool tool. Or I will haha, I make vst also, only mine are crude and barebone, without any cool artist gui images.