by Shuttleplug
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Spattle is a simple spacer plugin.

Sounds very nice on 60's organ-sounds.

  • SIZE= length of the reverb-tail.
  • WIDTH= amount of pre-delay.
  • DAMP= cuts the highs of the reverb.
  • MIX= amount of reverb in your signal.
  • TIME: delay time.
  • FDBCK: repeats.
  • LPF: cutoff-frequency of the lowpass filter (the filter only affects the repeats).
  • MIX: amount of delay in your signal.
  • WETNESS crossfades the incomming signal with the output of the effect (when used as send fx, the incomming signal is boosted).
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LiamCat Dec 25 2013
Dec 25 2013
This is sweet little number, these shuttleplugs have been my dirty little secret, for dirty electro and dark muse, like bat for lashes musicians - if ya ever heard, you can hear the depth of their muse. Dirty but FAT.