by Tobybear
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Helios is a sampler unit, intended to explore the creative side of sampling and not really meant to replace full-fledged samplers.

Rather regard it as a fun and wicked live performance tool :-) It can load a single WAV file and tweak it live in realtime to produce some really strange sounds.
  • Waveform display on the GUI.
  • Modulatable loop start and loop end points.
  • Modulatable ADSR envelope control.
  • Reverse playback of the sample.
  • 2 LFOs, independently syncable to host tempo.
  • 6 LFO waveforms (sine, saw up, saw down, triangle, square, noise).
  • Support for Anamark, VAZ and Scala tuning files.
  • Drag and drop support for WAV and tuning files.
  • Full MIDI CC control with MIDI learn and inverse.
  • On-board serial LP/HP filter with resonance.
  • On-board delay with feedback.
  • Powerful WAV reader that supports many WAV versions.
  • Start and stop buttons on the GUI.
  • Optional sample interpolation algorithm.
  • Portamento.
Jon Aug 09 2022
(2 / 5)
Aug 09 2022
Not bad but a HUGE issue is that it relies on loading samples from EXACT PATHS. I literally had to change the 'letter' of one of my drives temporarily just for it to load my project, and that was AFTER I used a hex editor to debug where it was trying to find the sample from. So if you want to use this, make sure your sample location will NOT change, including the drive letter. Maybe even take notes of the exact path when using I'm sure this is a difficult problem for devs, because it can be hard to get VSTs to load wav files in your project's folder because it has no real concept of that location, but an easy solution is to just load the sample directly into the FXP data/project file... That said, this is a fairly useful plugin for old school sounds when you turn off interpolation.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Sep 03 2022
Sep 03 2022
This was a plug that Tobybear was thinking about selling but probably he became discouraged by the negative user feedback from other plug-ins he did, which were intended to be demonstrations (such as "Four Seasons"). He seems to have been a pretty cool and helpful guy out of the "readme" files that came with his plug-ins.
Very funny! Feb 09 2015
(5 / 5)
Feb 09 2015
Actually useful with suitable samples! Twisted possibilies!