by Tobybear
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Borderliner is an attempt to break away from the normal synths available, providing you with a partly colour based interface.

Mixing the black and white oscillator sections generates sounds that can be heavily processed by the color effect boxes. Add envelope and gain control as well as an LFO and you have a simple but different sounding and looking synthesizer that can make some really weird sounds !
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Aug 15 2022
Aug 15 2022
I was always entertained by the "readme" text files written by the author. Sadly this plug-in was too buggy to stand with me for very long, it seems to prefer WindowsXP. Yeah I wish I could still use my laptop and 32-bit only! Otherwise the tiny GUI had people complaining even before the large DPI culture set in. Also I don't like the plug-in name and the music artist that did it ROFLMAO which certainly had better songs later. Generally I've had trouble with plug-ins written with Delphi, even purchased ones, but it could be at my end. At any rate, I'm afraid of running this and any other into GNU/Linux with Wine.
klimperette May 26 2020
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May 26 2020
This soft is not so interesting but curiously there was another dll in the zip archive : Helios FX. Heliox seems cool but crashes with some alien error messages
Sven Skutersen May 16 2015
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May 16 2015
Just used it in my track, it's ace - thanks a lot, must donate ! Here's the track:
Gwugluud Barcher Aug 13 2021
Aug 13 2021
Oh darn, my computer is strangely allergic to Soundcloud, or I would have given your track a go. No chance you've got something on Youtube..? Hahaha, Thx. But if you were to answer, I may never see it, since I use the Net as little as possible; this is also my DAW computer. Been advised by many to stay offline, because viruses you know. Where I'm on most is YouTube. idk whether it's worth yr trouble, lol, my channel is called "gwugluud 77", is the most likely place I would see yr response, if you'd care to leave a shoutout in that regard. I guess take the most recent vid in the lineup and "comment" there. Thx
Mucky Varese Nov 02 2014
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Nov 02 2014
Incredibly enjoyable to work with, I absolutely love this synthesizer! Good for Aphex Twin esque ambient noises.