by Tobybear
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Humanisator works as some kind of anti-quantizer, bringing more human feel into sequenced notes.

You can define how much and in what range Humanisator should alter the timing, velocity, pitch and modulation of the MIDI stream, allowing very natural sounding and interesting phrases to be created easily!
andy Nov 15 2021
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Nov 15 2021
It is so useful, I am surprised there are not more up to date VSTs to do the same thing. Perhaps something algorithmic to lower the velocity of off beats and put them slightly behind the beat to create tension. Or with presets to give a reggae emphasis pattern to beats or a rock one... I can dream.
Them May 25 2019
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May 25 2019
People read the manual plz it clearly says you have to insert it BEFORE wherever you want to affect for it to work.
Storm472 Feb 03 2019
Feb 03 2019
I think it would have been better with a "chance" selector, like the random effect from Ableton. You can only select the min/max value. For Ableton, it's a little complex to use. You have to put it on a separate track, and on the track that contains your instrument that you want to Humanize, you select the midi source from the Humanisator track, and select from the plugin Humanisator.
Douglas Dec 10 2017
Dec 10 2017
I messed around with it a bit, and it sounds as if it isn't even effecting the sound. Not sure whether it's a problem with the VST or my DAW, though it's probably the VST.
Rockkley Feb 19 2018
Feb 19 2018
Make sure you put it before the instrument vsti and press the buttons near every controller in the Humanisator vst
Shakey J Jun 22 2018
Jun 22 2018
How do you "put it before the instrument vsti"? I've added it as an effect and even with all the buttons on it doesn't change the sound at all in Music Creator 6 with Windows 10
scipherT Mar 13 2020
Mar 13 2020
Yes, this is old, but.... All midi effects (like this one) needs to be placed *before* the instrument receives the midi data. All audio effects (like e.g. a reverb) needs to be placed *after* the instrument sends the audio.
FL User Jun 23 2016
Jun 23 2016
Did not worked for me on FL studio 12
FatCat Jan 19 2022
Jan 19 2022
In FL studio 20: Put it on the Patcher, route the Midi (blue) links, and then set the Output Midi channel in Channel Settings of it to some value (0 worked for me, I didn't figure out why yet, since I don't use much of those Midi in/out controls in FL)