SoloC Head
by LePou
3.7 / 5     (10 votes)
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SoloC Head is a tube preamp emulation. It has 3 channels clean/crunch/overdrive.

It doesn't have power amp nor cabinet model so you need to add one somewhere down your signal chain.
Jim Dec 17 2021
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Dec 17 2021
It does not show up on Ableton Live 11. :(
Isaiah Jan 26 2022
Jan 26 2022
That's because it's 32 bit mate. Since Live 10, Ableton have ditched 32 bit support so you'll need JBridge unless LePou can make a 64 bit version of this. Shame too cause IMO this is one of their best looking plugins.
Austin Apr 25 2020
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Apr 25 2020
I mainly play metal and this plugin does that beautifully. With the right settings it's tight and chugs for days. I don't own a SLO 100 to compare it to, but I can say that this sounds really good.
Seg@fredo Apr 17 2020
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Apr 17 2020
From what i read this is supposed to resemble be an SLO 100 amp. I Can't tell how good the resembelance is since have no comparison. However, i use this amp a lot, mainly clean or with a bit of crunch as a platform for pedals (both real pedals and vst models). It's currently my default for classic rock tones. Really love it, just like all the other LePou stuff
Anonymous Jan 30 2018
Jan 30 2018
Плагин в Рипер не работает.
Baron F. Mar 03 2017
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Mar 03 2017
For some reason I wasn`t able to dial completely clean tone, but drive channel just killed me - a firm bark of a guard dog - powerful, thick and edgy at the same time. Wish I ran across this head earlier.
Steve Sept 03 2019
Sept 03 2019
It's a 5153 right? well the clean channel on those are pretty bad. Really hard to get it to clean up even on an axe fx
Matt Oct 01 2019
Oct 01 2019
I'm pretty sure its actually a Soldano SLO
Tony Vieira Jan 11 2015
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Jan 11 2015
Galera é muito sinistro esse plug-in. É uma perfeita personificaç�o em VST do Soldano.