by Mokafix
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Harmoniac is a physical model reed, wich can give harmonica sounds.

The VSTI version works as a simple synth. You load it in your favourite sequencer and feed it with midi notes.

The VST version uses audio input to feed the envelope follower. This gives you a much more natural control over sound. But you still need to feed it with midi to play a melody. If you blow or sing without hitting a note on your keyboard, it won’t give any sound. If you hit keys but don’t blow, it won’t sound either.
Pauly Sep 05 2021
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Sep 05 2021
No matter what midi note I hit I only get one tone, and it sounds awful. Not sure whats going on but this don't work for me.
iqbal elias Dec 01 2018
Dec 01 2018
arjun sharma Oct 21 2018
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Oct 21 2018
Mal-2 Sept 27 2014
Sept 27 2014
You can get reasonably convincing harmonica sounds out of this if you know what you're doing. Here's my example: https://mal-2.bandcamp.com/track/rusty-bones