Gangnam Vocoder
by SyncerSoft
4.0 / 5     (9 votes)
Gangnam Vocoder is vintage style 10 bands vocoder effect with extended possibilites of modulation.

It has 4 types of analog style sounding filters onboard. Its good for creation of synthetic voice. You can create phat and strange sounds with help of detune module.
  • Vocoder section.
  • Filter section.
  • LFO section.
  • Full MIDI Learn.
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Miguel Apr 10 2020
Apr 10 2020
Muito Ruim. Very Bad!
Karl GC Oct 05 2017
Oct 05 2017
Calling this a vocoder is exagerated. At best it gives an acceptable distorion and that's about it. There are much better free vocoders.