Noise Gate
by 7AMP
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Noise gate is a mono noise gate, mainly designed for guitar.

Use it for audio noise reduction before or after applying other VST effects that may highly amplify noise like a distortion, compressor (sustainer, limiter) or a guitar amplifier at high gain.

This plugin can also make noise reduction on a whole phonogram with some conditions. But the main purpose is to cancel noise from a microphone or pickup of a music instrument like guitar before other sound processors. It has good enough characteristic at signal release.
EdnA RockZ Jul 25 2018
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Jul 25 2018
only works if chained b4 amp, and even then it's not good
S.A. L-R Aug 16 2016
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Aug 16 2016
Actually pretty great, but mono only, which is disappointing since I was after a stereo gate. Still very useful.
Mr Anonym Nov 19 2015
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Nov 19 2015
I've tested it on bass. It just makes creepy noise itself. So it's exactly the opposit of what it should do.
Silvano Sound Designer Nov 06 2015
Nov 06 2015
Just plug your guitar in the interface and turn the level knob all the way to the right. AWSOME!