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CharBooster is a composite overdrive effect tailored specifically to be used as booster in front of any virtual amplifier model.

It essentially consists of a pre-emphasis filter section designed to provide a variation of voicings for your instrument followed by a saturation circuit that excites the signal with harmonics while still being as transparent as possible. The UI is not trying to look like a hardware stomp box but rather has a range of meters and scopes to provide an insight on what is going on with your signal.

The effect's controls are divided into 3 sections:

1. Character
Amount : sets the amount of the filtering applied.
Character : selects one of the pre-configured filters:
  • Shrill : boosts the top frequencies enhancing the presence of the signal.
  • Bright : boosts the high frequencies adding clarity and brightness.
  • Tight : rolls-off the low end to reduce the muddiness of the high-gain amps.
  • Flat : bypass of the filtering stage.
  • Fat : boosts the middle frequencies for the best high-gain tone.
  • Warm : rolls-off the high frequencies (good for taming single-coil pickups).
2. Saturation
Harmonics : sets the amount of the harmonics introduced by this stage.
Mode : selects the configuration of the stages:
  • Off : bypass the saturation stage
  • Tube : pre-amp stage based on a single 12AX7 triode
  • Tape : simple magnetic tape model
  • T-n-T : tube preamp followed by the tape model
The tube model used in the saturation stage is similar to the one used in Softamp 3OD, however the modeled circuit is different.  The tape model is a very simplified one. It has only the nonlinear transfer curve and dynamic frequency response modeled. Wow & flutter effects as well as phase smearing were omitted keep the CPU consumption low. It is loosely based on the Ampex ATR-102 tape recorder.

3. Boost
Level : sets the output gain of the booster from -6dB to +24dB.

On the top of the effect's window there are 5 more buttons:
  • Enable the effect.
  • Stereo mode.
  • 16x oversampling.
  • About.
  • Check for updates.
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TGNLE1734 HD Sep 08 2023
(4 / 5)
Sep 08 2023
This was used for Overdrive VHS
TMA Nov 17 2022
(2 / 5)
Nov 17 2022
Not quite sure why it's not fully functional in Reaper -Some of the controls work, but I'm unable to toggle between the different tape, tube, flat settings etc. Unable to adjust any DB's, as well... Bummer cuz I really LOVE the way it sounds!!!
Bob Jul 15 2023
Jul 15 2023
Use right mouse button. See the mouse drawing beside the control
Joao Bispo Feb 06 2020
(5 / 5)
Feb 06 2020
At first I used it as a sort of tubescreamer in front of an amp sim as directed by AXP. But then I tried the T n' T while tracking. It's versatile, can be clean presence booster, can be a simplified tube tape recorder effect, can smash drums without compressing. Get it!
yo Jul 20 2019
(5 / 5)
Jul 20 2019
I simply wanted a boost in volume to my clean guitar signal in Reaper, and this does exactly that. If you need some extra volume, this is perfect
Connor Hansen Feb 28 2016
(5 / 5)
Feb 28 2016
Don't listen to the haters, this is actually awesome. Just a pure transparent overdrive, similar in some ways to the Morning Glory footpedal. donating now, this is fantasic.
dude Aug 14 2014
(5 / 5)
Aug 14 2014
This is one of my favorite virtual boosters. RTFM it is short and useful. The oversampling is not necessary and is high on CPU. Also use tse808 and the distortion plus vst for the same purpose.
C2 JAY May 05 2014
(1 / 5)
May 05 2014
I tryed it, and its useless, I found it only able to do is "Turn up the volume", in other words make a sound lounder and that's it.
U-o Feb 12 2013
(4 / 5)
Feb 12 2013
Lot of fun with this plugin. It's free, easy on CPU (if you turn off oversampling) and sounds awesome. You can use it on guitar, synths, drums, vocals even on master channel. One of the best free plugins ever! Thank you