Doctor Crunch
by DamyFx
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Doctor Crunch is inspired to channel dirty Marshall sound.
cyber_T May 30 2020
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May 30 2020
Don´t let you fool! Yes, this is an older VST, but beside the new "LindaAudio-Rockamp" it´s the best free VST for really authentic british rocksounds I could find (including Plexi, JCM800 and overdriven Vox AC30). It beats so many commercial equivalents. I always disable the internal cabsim and use it in conjunction with NadIR and the free catharsis IR-bundle. I boost "Dr. Crunch" very often with the "Mercuriall TSC" and sometimes I saturate the hole chain with "FerricTDS". Yeah, that rocks m/
Faydit Apr 07 2020
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Apr 07 2020
Very good sounding Plexi / Hot Rodded Plexi simulation. Punch, pressure and harmonics really sound right. There are not so many good Plexi simulations around, even less for free. A good separate speaker / cabinet IR can even improve the sound.
drew Feb 08 2020
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Feb 08 2020
fucking perfection! massive crunch! wonderful dirty sound
Robinson Carvajal May 02 2018
(4 / 5)
May 02 2018
Good for Hi-Gain style. Well... they are re-leased this under "Dr Gain FX" name. It is worth checking
Anonymous Jan 29 2018
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Jan 29 2018
Долго искал хороший кранч для исполнения блюзов и вот удача,нашёл!
dude Jul 06 2014
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Jul 06 2014
Much better than some think. I use the amp section and a separate cab IR.