3-band Distortion
by 7AMP
3.1 / 5     (9 votes)
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3 band distortion.
  • State turns on and off particular distortion band.
  • Tone tunes the frequency of the input filter.
  • Band tunes the bandwidth of the input filter.
  • Color defines the clipper cutoff level i.e. distortion amount.
  • Knee defines the clipper knee size that makes the effect softer.
  • Feedback changes one internal clipper property relative to saturation, feedback and asymmetry.
  • Asymmetry makes the effect asymmetric including time asymmetry during signal period.
  • Level sets output level of particular band.
  • Tone tweak frequency of the output filter.
  • Band bandwidth of the output filter.
  • Speaker turns on speaker simulation.
parneyw Apr 01 2019
Apr 01 2019
This plugin doesn't seem to work for me, the input/output bar isn't lighting up at all and enabling the plugin just mutes all sound. I definitely have an input signal as when I disable the plugin I get sound coming through my monitors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I have tried the plugin in Reaper and Cakewalk but the same results in both. I have tried the standalone version and the same results there too. I am sure it is an issue with the plugin itself not being compatible with my PC in some way, not the DAWs I am using being silly. Works on another friend's PC so it just seems to be a problem for my PC. Completely unsure as to why this is happening as I am using the same settings as my friend (for whom the plugin works fine) - same sampling rate, bit depth, recording input (USB), DAW, plugin settings, signal chain (within the DAW). I have tried line in direct from my guitar too and still nothing. The track isn't being auto-muted by the DAW either. If anybody knows the reason for this and potentially how to fix this issue I would love to know as I would love to be able to use it :). Apart from that I have heard great things about this plugin.
steve Mar 15 2020
Mar 15 2020
Same issue, cannot make this work anymore. Very annoying
mallo Feb 08 2016
(5 / 5)
Feb 08 2016
It was the least liked distortion VST I had on my drive until a few minutes ago I found out how to actually use it properly and I think it got me turned on.