Middi Morphy
by D3CK
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Middi Morphy is a midi preset morpher.

This is a little vst tool to interpolate between different midi parameter settings. you can set up secnes of paramter setting, each may represet presets of your synth or fx, and then morph between the scenes on a 2d pane.

To the left you have a (initially empty) list of midi controllers. In the center you have the area where the scenes are created.

By default the autolearn and autokey mode are enabled (right click menu to change), so if the plug in gets midi input data, the correspondong controllers gets added, and a scene gets created at cursor position.

Just open the right click menu, and see the few options. Mouse wheel zooms in and out, middle mouse drag drags the whole morph pane !
Anoninym Nov 17 2013
(4 / 5)
Nov 17 2013
This is good plugin, make the sound in fun!