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Win32 Win64 OSX
midiMonitor is a resizable, scrolling midi monitor.

Change background colors to your liking. Optionally shows raw MIDI byte data. Can save log as text or midi file.
JPNielsen Jan 03 2022
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Jan 03 2022
OK, but it doesn't show MIDI "start, stop, continue, clock" messages.
CT May 31 2020
(5 / 5)
May 31 2020
Simple but useful for troubleshooting; and easier than popping out of the DAW and loading MidiOX
Joel Gomes da Silva Nov 06 2017
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Nov 06 2017
Wonderful! A must need if you work with a lot of MIDI and controller hardwares. Lots of options to visualize the data. Five stars. ;)
Anonymous Apr 28 2013
Apr 28 2013
I tried this with Cantibile (VST host)and FCB1010. What the controller is sending is: Ch2 cc123 value 0 (toggle) value 127. This I verified with MidiOx. What midiMonitor is showing is ALL channels cc123 value 0 (toggle) ALL channels cc120 value 0. I'm contacting Cantibile to see if this is somehow a problem of theirs, but thought you might be interested.